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    Tried about 10 times and IT FINALLY WORKED 🎉🎉🎉 See you in NZ everyone!!!
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    I contacted Live Nation Japan, asked them about registration/SMS verification through PIA or e+. Their response: “There will be no registration needed for the fan-club presale. If you live overseas or only speak English, please access the English ticketing page provided by Pia.” I do not know how this will play out during the presale, but I’m hoping it means the process is U2 . Com subscriber friendly. I strongly encourage you to contact them to ask your questions even if it’s a repeat of mine. It’s better to have info from multiple representatives instead of just one. info@livenation.co.jp
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    Currently the Pre-sale page shows: Wires group: Tuesday 5th 12:00. 5th is a Wednesday. Can someone confirm that or fix it? Cheers.
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    You can't... the site is made specific for Japan (for example, all the phone numbers need to be in the Japanese format) You will need to wait until the presale starts to follow the procedure from them, I'm afraid...
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    Problem solved, somehow I had multiple accounts. I think this goes back to when I wanted to change my user name, Found the code
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    If for some reason you don't get the email, don't worry... when the time of the presale is closer, the appropriate buttons will be published on the TOURS section...
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    Check to see if you have gotten your presale code email yet. There will be 2 links, one in Japanese and one in English. Those links will go live at time of presale.
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    From what I know with the experience of past presales : 4 tickets each, so 8 tickets in total. Nevermind the credit card number, you can use the same or different ones, as you want.
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    May the force be with each and every one who is trying for tickets later.
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    In the event that you didn't receive it (for any reason) please refer to this post...
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    I really appreciate this story. Some artists keep it humble and truly connect with fans. Thank you for sharing it with us.
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    if you are on the TOURS page in a phone, check it in landscape mode, not portrait... it's more clear that way...
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    Hello hello....lovely to see the membership “card”.
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    Hello!! I've been a long-time subscriber but am new to the forum .... Looking forward to reading about like-minded obsessed individuals who share the same u2 passion as I do! (I wish my job allowed me to follow the band around the world more!) ... Life Dream: to have a pint with the boys in Dublin, or anywhere really! Hoping to visit Ireland in the near future. From Toronto, Canada. #loveisallwehaveleft ❤️
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    I'm not new and have been here since the beginning of time; but wanted to throw a big hello out to the newbies.
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