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    I wish, but it's a guitar amp through I shall use my riffs to power up the whole world!
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    Me too only it was years before the film and started with Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke. 😝 I hope your sister is doing better. I've been thinking about both of you.
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    Yeah, Lucifer’s Hands would make a nice bonus Download. We can hope...but I wouldn’t count on it. i still don’t get why we didn’t eventually get all 46 songs from the U22 voting booth. For those who don’t remember, we got to vote on 22 out of 46 songs for the U22 release. The next year, Edge’s Picks gave us 15 more. Bonus Downloads those 2 years added 6 of the others. That left 3 songs MIA. I’d love to see the Fan Club throw those up as bonus Downloads for us...but I don’t see that happening sadly... Missing Tracks were: -Mothers of the Disappeared -Party Girl -Return of the Stingray Guitar Can anyone at the Fan Club make this happen?
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    Glad to hear it! To us over in the UK he's like the American version of Jeremy Corbyn. If those two could get into office the "special relationship" between to the US & UK could actually be truly special.
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