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    10 years ago today: 2 fantastic nights in Milan for the U2 360° Tour!! Great memories
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    2 years ago today, 2 great nights in Rome: The Joshua Tree Tour 2017!! Great memories
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    This smoothie is delicious.
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    Happy Summer 2019 to the Zoo.
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    Help Me To Not Give Up Drawing........All could end soon ........... Comment on my works here and on Instagram, follow me on Instagram (info here on my page)........The Time IS Up...... Yes, I'm desperate......Mods, you can delete me now.....I stand by my desperation, there is no other way........ I know you'll judge me but until you walked in my shoes, you won't know.....
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    Please slow down driving. Use your signal. Check you blind spot.
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    It's too darn cold outside.
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