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    Fact: The Unforgettable Fire is a great late night song.
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    I got my tickets, they're not the best but they're not the worst 😎 so yay, I got my seat tickets for November 27th
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    Can't sleep anymore with the great news (Australian tour)!!
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    My husband's favorite album is gonna be ten years old this year! Happy birthday to NLOTH!
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    Hi. This week has been the hardest, trying to understand how people could elect a man that supports torture, racism and spreads hate and violence among people. I cried so much till I had no more tears left. If I could, I would leave Brazil. I just lost all my hopes in humankind. U2, you are one of the reasons why I don't give up living. Thank you for existing.
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    So absolutely thrilled to have bought my ticket through the presale for the Melbourne gig! So excited!
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    2 new tracks to download for subscribers.
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    Happy Easter!! 🙂
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    ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY ***POP***...BEST U2 album EVER !!!!!!
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    Bono, congrats for the speech in Davos. You represent us! Thank you for all your efforts! Ps: Sorry for our dumb and idiot president (he doesn't represent me). He just won the elections because of the fakenews.
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    "Go, shout it out, rise up"... Listening to NLOTH and ... in tears. Such a magic album. "It's not a hill, it's a mountain as you start out the climb".... "I try to rewind, reload and replay"... So deep lyrics. Thank U2 for this album.
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    Should auld acquaintance be forgot And never brought to mind...
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    I like your new pic/avatar. Muy bien! 😊
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    Happy 14th Birthday to HOW to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb..... 22/11/2004..... Great Album !!!!! IIII know it's only ROCKNROLL... but I like it yeayeayeyayayeeeeaayyayayeeeeaaaah !!!!!
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    2019 Subscriber Gift announced. What do you think?
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    ICYMI- Downloads for the U2 3-D subscriber gift are now available in MP3 and WAV formats. 
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    Thanks to London for flying the blimp baby once again.
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    Thank you so much for the featured on my image!! :-)
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    The package looked perfectly clear !! Magnificent to hear these songs, and sing your heart out !
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    Spring has sprung! 😀
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    Happy St Patricks Day! 💚
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    It's late but Happy Birthday, Pain.
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    I have been sick for 2 months and listening to U2 does make me feel better. I just love you, guys. Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, you are a blessing to the world! Ps: Hope I'll be fine to travel to New Zealand by the time you'll be there with the tour (if it is really hapenning).
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Only love, only love can leave such a mark
 But only love, only love can heal such a scar

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    This American thinks we need to open our borders, not enclose them. How can we be America if we do not?
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    Hello .... Buona Sera, Signorina......
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    An exponential BRRRRRRR. ⬇️
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    A lithograph of the pic where Edge is standing in Yosemite would be a great subscriber gift or addition to the U2 store. I want one on my wall. Please?
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    Oh my gosh, is it cold outside.
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    Hi, there. I just wanna thank you, zootopians, for being part of my (digital) life in this fantastic, surprising and disappointing (all at the same time) year! Happy new year! Thank U2 for the wonderful tour! This year was unforgettable ... all because of you!
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    "Does love light up your Christmas tree?"
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    Already saving money to go to Australia next year!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to America. For the rest of the world: Happy Trump pardoned a turkey and and not himself day. 😀
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    I am so grateful and happy that I have had chance to see you guys three times in four years, I&E tour in Berlin, Joshua Tree tour in Amsterdam and E&I tour in Berlin. Have a great show in Berlin ! Love you always!
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    The EI tour hasn't finished yet and I'm already missing it! Any chance this tour will continue in 2019?
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    A Happy and Blessed All Souls Day to everyone and anyone who cares.
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    A Happy/Blessed All Saint's Day to everyone.
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    The album Rattle and Hum was released 30 years ago today....go listen to it and enjoy!
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    also in 8bit ---> infinite thanks to KO and the @pinkadam4ever team!!! #pinkadam #pinkadaminzootopia #digitalstreetart #stickerslaps #stickerslap #slapart #slapartist #stickerart #adamclayton #u2 #grafitti #joy
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    4months ago a version of bad was posted on YouTube by Pauli vetri “the best version of bad” after going into heroes bono finishes bad with another song, anyone know it ?
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