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    I think this gift is wonderful. I'm shocked they would release EI as a subscribers gift. I am very happy. DVD versus BluRay-I don't care. It'll be a good picture and it will have great sound. I still don't have IE on BluRay because somethng always eats up my money before I can get around to buying it. . If I focus on being unhappy with the font when the Sun rises with my name on it-I miss the silent brilliance of the moment. Perhaps they'll release EI for commerical release on bluray, it will be a North America show and many of us will have our hope to have a physical copy of both fulifilled. Props to U2. Fantastic gift.
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    A DVD??? We are in 2020 guys! Have you heard about Blu-ray? UHD 4K Blu-ray? This is ridiculous!
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    I understand, and can sympathize with this reasoning. The problem is that you didn't pay $50 for a DVD. You paid to be a member of this website/fanclub. The gift is only one part of a larger sum. I don't understand people saying I didn't pay for this gift when they purchased something with multiple components. U2 never says what any gift will or will not be until it is officially announced. This is what they've chosen to do this year. It is what it is. I can undertand being disappointed. I can understand someone consdering if they want to keep subscribing. I don't understand the constant barrage of attacks against the band, and this website, when things aren't as one would wish. It's the chance we take when we subscribe. One can join this website for free, still be a part of the live threads and so much more. That costs nothng yet it's expensive, and a lot of work, to maintain a website. . . This gift is one day old and people are already deciding that they are going to have to buy the BluRay. No you don't. You'll have the DVD. You want the BluRay. There's a huge difference. It's also presuming this will be commercially released on BluRay. From what I read, it's exclusive. There's been no indication of it being anything else. It's EI, from Europe, and it's the Berlin show. I've read, numerous times, from many different sources, that this is one of the best U2 shows ever. I don't understand why people can't enjoy it for what it is. Thi is just how I see it.. We all possess the right to express our vews in these forums and threads.. It's part of our subscription. Your opinion has just as much validity as mine. We wouldn't be a community if it did not.
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    Christ above you can't please everyone can you! I for one am very happy and appreciative with this gift!
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    Yes - thank both of you for fleshing out the reasons why others and I complained right out of the gate. Your observations are what we were getting at. It would be very useful to know what the site means exactly by the word "limited" in the description of this gift. It is "limited" in the sense of "special and truly unique" (and if so, how is it special/unique specifically), or is it "limited" meaning time-limited, i.e., it is the 2020 gift and not beyond that? Will this concert be getting a wider release? That would be good to know too. IMHO, this show will certainly be released commercially - there is no way (again, IMHO) that this DVD will be the only way this show will become available. If this were the only place to get the show, multiple formats would have to be offered. Further questions: if a worst-case scenario plays out (i.e., the U2.com edition is identical to the general release regular edition), would we at least get it in our mailboxes before it goes on sale to the general public? If it ends up being identical to the general release, and the general release goes on-sale first before any of us receive the U2.com edition in our mailboxes, any complaints posted here would be richly earned and deserved. Well, let's hope for the best. More information about this show, I think we can all agree, would be very nice to have as soon as possible. Also, there were a few comments above that were not completely well-founded, and I'd like to address those further here. I think everyone knows that it's not very fun to read people's complaints on message boards and forums. However, what really matters is whether any objection is valid. I've read a few complaints on the site over the years here that have made me laugh and/or roll my eyes; I've read other that were right on point and addressed a failing that was/is properly a failing. While it is no fun to read trivial complaints, it is also important not to conflate the rational objections with the irrational ones. There are some who conflate complaints about the shortcomings of the site and/or fanclub in general (and there are legitimate ones) as if they were complaints about the band. That's complete nonsense. The band and the website/fanclub are separate entities. Complaining about LiveNation/Island Records/Interscope Records/Universal is not the same as complaining about the band. Also, there are a lot of causes that are leading to the complaints that have developed over a long period of time - that also isn't being properly acknowledged sometimes. There are ways that the benefits of membership here have declined over time; unfortunately, this seems to have coincided with the time when Paul McGuinness departed the stage and LiveNation took over. The benefits of being a member here were chronicled by a few above - and those mentioned are benefits. However, for other acts' official webpages, most/almost all the benefits mentioned are completely free of charge; U2.com is one of the very few official band pages that still charges a fee every year. Many bands used to charge, but now no longer do. Yes, the ones that don't charge don't usually have a membership gift, but an overwhelming majority of sites that don't charge do offer pre-sale ticket access. I would hazard a guess that the two main reasons most of us (including myself) continue to renew here are: pre-sale ticket access during touring years and the annual gift. Some might ask, "How about the forum as a reason?" Well, that may be in your personal top two (it would be co-number 2 for me) - however, as I already mentioned, most official band forums are completely free to sign up for and use - even a section of this site is free. I mention this because other bands manage a fully-functioning fan forum without charging; thus, site-upkeep as one of the reasons to charge doesn't really hold water - how do the other sites do it, if membership fees are truly necessary? (I'll stop here and leave other issues for later.) Also, I would argue that our devotion to the band is what feeds our complaints sometimes - we want a site that kicks ass like our band does. When it falls short, we have every right to say so - hell, we have literally paid for the right. Being paid members here shouldn't require us to be submissively obsequious when we have a legitimate issue. Well, I don't really wish to go on here. I have already resubscribed - gladly, proudly. In broad brushstrokes, as I said earlier, I love this year's gift - however, it would just be nice to have answers to the questions we all raised above. Thanks again to the mods who read all these complaints, legitimate and otherwise. Peace. ✌️
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    How good a gift this is or isn’t will really depend on if it gets a physical release to the general public or not. To renew it cost me around £30. If the show is only going to be released for subscribers or at the very least the physical format is released only for subscribers then I think it’s a good gift. However if they decide to release it publicly on Blu Ray at a cost of usually around £15 then someone who isn’t a subscriber will be getting a better format of the show for half the amount I paid. So as I said it all depends on how exclusive this is to us.
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    2020 Subscriber Gift Announcement here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/experience--innocence--live-in-berlin
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    2020 U2.com Annual Subscription: U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN Limited edition live DVD & photographic book capturing 2018’s e+i Tour Complete 2 hour 22 minute show, never previously released. Really? WOW!! *_*
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    The Screen was 4K The show was filmed in 4K Then broadcasted partially in 4K Then released in 480p to the fan club only? This downgrade is an insult to the creative team that filmed and produced the show. I’m sorry, but I struggle to believe all this Producing this show was way more expensive, and only Live Nation getting the subscribers’s money? I’m pretty sure they’ll have to release a complete 4K show somehow. I’ll be waiting for that. If U2.com changes their minds about this, I’m happy to resubscribe, but with no pre-sales in the near future, I’m not gonna waste my money this year. I’ll get it on eBay or something.
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    Just adding my 2 cents that DVD is not really acceptable in 2020. U2 uses the most cutting edge tech around for their video screens during their shows - the JT screen is almost 8K for crying out loud! - but somehow we’re supposed to be happy with 480p for our home video release. Pretty disappointing.
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    I'm happy enough with this gift, but then again I loved the vinyl gifts too so I might just be behind the times. The objections that other fans have for the DVD are quite reasonable and they have a solid case. I just hope that this show doesn't get released commercially because if so it devalues the specialness of this fanclub only item.
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    How? They've given us vinyl, CD's, books, prints (whateveer the format), tshirts, remixes and more as gifts. What else can they do? In addition, they put out the No Line CD and gave us the 360 tour. We got SOI. They tried to give everyone/anyone a free download via Itunes and got trashed for being arrogant. We got the IE tour. It was completely innovative and redefined modern indoor rock concerts.. We got TJT30. Very shortly after that, we got SOE and the EI tour. They just finished TJT 2019 tour, during which they released a new single. We got a remix EP from that. All of it in a ten year perod. We pay for this website and beig in the fanclub and a discount coupon and a subscribers gift and presales and full acceess to their music/video catalogue and exclusive content and access to special events.. I do not understand why people are so upset and focused on one part of a much larger package.. It it's that awful-caviat emptor. Look at the ingreidients before you put the product into your cart. Don't purchase it a second time if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This gift was just announced. Everyone seems to want EI on disc yet the majorty of reactions to it being our gift are negative. I do not understand..
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    I really hope they offer a digital download as well. I haven't had a DVD or BluRay (not that they offered it) hooked up in two years! 4K streaming is the standard now. This would be like if they had offered a cassette in 1999. Some people still had them but everyone had CDs by then. Come on, U2... step it up!
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    I don't have blu ray. I think this is a fantastic gift. Best subscription bonus ever
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    Why is this so hard for them? This is not difficult stuff! Courtesy?
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    Announcing our 2020 subscription offer. The complete show on limited edition DVD. View the full article
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    Huge Bruce fan here. He's a part of every stage of my teens and adult life. Tunnel of Love-Tougher Than the Rest is probably my favorite Bruce song. (that would need to change next time I had to choose) The Tunnel of Love tour was fantastic. He's put out a lot of good music since 2000. Magic is a lost gem, if you have not heard it. So is High Hopes and Wrecking Ball. (just fyi in case you may not have heard them) He stongly hinted there is a new Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band album coming out this year. He had already written it, when he said this. That was months ago. He also stated there was going to be a tour this year. I like corny jokes and this is true: I'd drive all night just to buy the tshirts in the pics you posted. I look forward to saying Bruce and E Street will be my next concert.
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    The first five pictures above are the brochure and t-shirt from the display. The schedule is on the pages showing the events through September. Website: http://www.springsteenhishometown.com The next three pictures show the front of the brochure of the "Bruce Springsteen Archives & Center for American Music", the back of the same brochure with a "Stick Bruce" you can find scattered all around the "Springsteen: His Hometown" display. There are 10 of them. If you take a selfie of all 10 and then show the people at the counter, you can get one of three gifts - I chose this nice lithograph. You can visit the Bruce Archives at Monmouth University yourself (we didn't - we didn't have the time) - you just need to make an appointment in advance. Appropriate info at their website: http://www.monmouth.edu/bruce
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    Clicks into YouTube. See's countless videos of the 2018 shows filmed by people on their cellphones in 4K. Clicks into U2.com and they are offering the very same hi tech show in standard definition on a format from the 90s. Rubs eyes to see if it's all a joke. It's not.
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    Nah....That's still bad...I wouldn't pay for Netflix Just To See U2... .. And I will take this OPPORTUNITY to say I am content with the Gift....... Come On , Acrobat !!!!!!!
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    I'll be honest, my first reaction when the gift was announced was "that's pretty damn cool", but my second reaction was one of mild disappointment that it was DVD rather than Blu-Ray or a HD digital copy or something. I don't mean that to sound ungrateful or entitled, but I think a few of the other posts have summed things up quite well and initially it just seems like its a case of so near and yet so far again. @dmway post sums up the wider issues very well - there's a bit of a historic thing going on here and also where the current model sits alongside other similar fan sites. I suspect that most people are happy to pay for a subscription here due to the chance of priority tickets - something which other bands seem to now offer at no charge. Its still a cool gift though 😃
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    That's pretty much what I'm thinking, too. If it isn't commercially available (or if the one in the shops is no better than the one we're getting), then it's a great gift and I'm very happy with it. If they subsequently release a deluxe edition and I end up paying for two copies of the same show, I'll be quite peeved.
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    Just remembered the Paris 2015 gig was broadcast at Christmas 2015 before being released physically in the summer of 2016. It really does appear that the Berlin show will not go on general release - how could they possibly justify the gift otherwise? The DVD/Blu Ray really should be in the shops....an audio CD of the show would have made a great gift..Strange decision.
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    Nice one 👍 Thanks U2 !
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    Thanks U2 for offering E&I on DVD! I’m relieved that I don’t have to upgrade to some new system to view it!! Are DVD’s old? I guess so, but they’re not as old as I am! I’m so glad the 2020 subscription issues were resolved.
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    Wow such rage..... I was hoping for a Betamax or VHS.* *hangs head in shame for having a dvd player i think it’s a good subscriber offer to be fair.
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    Is there any news about this? My current membership also runs out within one month, so I would like to know what to expect when I resubscribe. And looking at the replies in this thread I'm certainly not the only one. I'd be disappointed if I would again get the Live Songs From i + e again, as great as that set is (it's playing at this very moment, oh the memories!) but miss out on the new gift. Also, some fansite are reporting on this issue that is ongoing. https://www.atu2.com/news/column-off-the-record-vol-20-784.html
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    RIP Terry Jones. Life of Brian is still a cinematic and comedic gift.
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    One way or the other some announcement is required so that those of us whose renewals are due on 31/1 could click on the button now. Or at least as many have suggested put an option to select the 2020 gift when announced up as one of the renewal options.
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    Honestly, I am happy and excited about the DVD. I can play it everywhere, get the audio easily. I guess U2 will release the film on 4k on iTunes or stream it on netflix - and then we can decide that too. My hunch is that the DVD will be the physical release and a online/streaming version will come out as well. Also, I am happy for all the fans around that they can see the show easily and the DVD is by far the most common format. True, 4k would be great, too. And I probably will fork out something to see me an my daughter in the first row (if we made the cut....). I am good with that.
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    My wife belongs to several fan pages of artists she values but she is constantly blown away at what we get annually. Personally, apposed to an annual gift , which i do value and appreciate, Id rather and LOVE if all subs names were entered into a draw for 2 to 10 of us being flown to a show , during touring years , with a brief , cordial apposed to sloppy (lol) meet and greet with red zone access.
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    So this is where I stand, thinking about this from a broader spectrum. Yes I understand we dont pay for just a U2 gift.. However that is not for anyone but the purchaser to say why they purchased it. There are folks in here saying why we purchase our subscriptions like they control how we do it, frankly you have no business as to what reason i pay for my subscription. I purchased because of ticket presales etc during EI tour. However this year theres likely no tour. I am purchasing solely for the release of this gift and now I may not due to it being a DVD. I am a sucker for quality. Cold plays dvd is just awful. I understand DVD can be played across multiple devices but how can a company thats meant to satisfy fans go so downhill on a subscription gift when Blu-ray atleast will stand the test of time a bit longer 4k would be ideal but to appease the middle of the road Blu-ray is the medium. The show is Experience not amateur, U2 are always re inventing quality with their screens and tours. A DVD is frankly is in poor taste for a fan release not only because its an old near dead medium but today because in another 10 years dvd will be even closer to nothing. I have seen 1000's of complaints. not just a few 1000's of people are upset across social media regarding the DVD and I wonder how many more subscriptions they would have got if they released a blu-ray instead. If you want more subscriptions provide a better medium id like to see a poll of how many people are actually buying a subscription for the site content.
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    You're very welcome! 😊 Yes, we have yet another reason to thank our beloved band. Thank you, U2 - you are the gift that keeps on giving. 😎 ...and as a P.S. for this thread so far, if Apple ever fixes their glitch that rotates size-reduced pictures by 90 degrees, there are many more photographs that were meant to compliment the day-to-day descriptions offered above and on the previous page. So, there may be more coming - the ball is in Apple's court now.
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    That was my point earlier. If we get this and at later date the same exact product is release in hi-definition to the general public, that will be a slap on the face to all of us that pay for the subscription. I hope U2 won't be that greedy.
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    Don't think you can generalise like that. I'm happy with whatever the format is because I am not overly fussed about slightly better quality (it's a personal thing); but I won't be selling my copy (I will be keeping it and playing it). Perhaps DVD was selected as a media because it is readily playable format across different devices old n new? As not everyone has access to the latest hardware that could play Bluray? So it's fairer for everyone. I too hope/ agree that a different version is not made available commercially like 'From the Sky Down' (box set v's commercial release of movie) or the available nowhere else U2 map being given away free during RSD.
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    One more flag for the Blu-ray! It makes absolutely no sense to make this available in DVD when we subscribers are actually interested in content. The only reason I can think of for somebody to be happy with whatever the format/quality as long as it is and exclusive release is to make a profit by reselling it, which certainly is not the spirit of membership. The video (and audio!) quality of a DVD release is definitely inferior to the one in Blu-ray or even streaming, and anyone who's been watching audiovisual media in the past 10 years can definitely notice that. As a subscriber, I'm here because of the exceptional content (and pre-sales ), so its quality is extremely important.
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    No it doesn't...If You Don't have a BluRay Player, the BluRay DISC Will NOT Play on Your Regular DVD Player....And the only dvd player I have is the one attached to my laptop and it does certainly NOT play Blurays..... I've checked with three IT experts !!!! ANd in other countries than US and UK, they are still very expensive !
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    DID they Play Horses and Acrobat at this Show? I checked the Tours Section here, they did....And Dirty Day !!!! And Stay ! !!! !!! The FLy, Zoo Station..... !!!! I don't want a BLU_Ray since I Don't Have a BluRay Player and I don't want to PAY another 150 dollars to get one...I'd rather We Got a High Quality Downloadable Audio AND Video Version of the Show to go with te DVD -gift, or at least the Downloadable Audio in WAV to Download Before the DVDs get shipped out !
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    SUBSCRIPTION ACTIVE UNTIL 29 February 2020 The banner prompting me to renew is gone and a month has been added to my subscription. I assume that the 2020 gift announcement has been pushed back.
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    Fotoset now on flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmKP3BjU And I will offer high res pics for anyone with a spare XXL t-shirt! Come on - be a kind soul! :-))
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    And of the humble narrators of the thread by the “Hollywood” sign.
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    Here is another angle of the rooftop:
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    Adelaide...I'm finally getting to look through my photos
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