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    Mumbai - Let’s Rock The House! One final show in 2019 - and it’s in Mumbai as the band take The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 to India. The show, at DY Patil Stadium on Sunday, December 15, promises to be a huge celebration - not only the band’s first ever performance in India but the final date on The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. "Mumbai is the perfect city to end our JT 2019 tour, " says Larry Mullen. "Very excited to see you there." "We’re much looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai, India," adds Adam Clayton. "A country famous for its rich culture of art, music, movies, theatre, literature, food and so much more. There is a lot of excitement in the U2 camp." https://www.u2.com/news/title/live-in-mumbai
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    Great interview with Bono and The Edge here on the upcoming show.
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    How were they? I just recently discovered The Waterboys.
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    Ri'ri' is officially my dog. I could not take her home today because I have to house sit and watch a different line of Irish Terriers. I'm getting her at the next Irish Terrier Society meeting in October. i have a new dog and it's an Irish Terrier. ☺️
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    I had a great time with some friends at the comic shop today. After a difficult last few days, it was nice to be able to chill out and laugh our heads off. To top it off, I found a lovely pair of shoes in a charity shop - and they actually fit me. Usually, charity shops have shoes in every size *except* mine And they're purple, so my wardrobe is getting a bit brighter
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    yup... that they will have any effect is something else entirely...
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    Have fun, CorkVegan. The Head and the Heart have been covering Crowded House's Don't Dream It's Over. They said it's one of their favorite songs-played it in Chicago and both nights of Madison. It sounded surprisingly good-can't be easy to cover such a beautiful original. Jon was outside the venue, in front, when we arrived. He was chatting. Very cool. Charity mentioned loving Spotted Cow beer. (a local one here in Wisconsin) She was sitting on a chair drinking one when we first met her five years ago, at Summerfest, and a friend got me a backstage pass. He told me that he posted, earlier this year, that they should return to Summerfest for some Spotted Cow- on their Facebook page. It was a pseudo joke but they responded, saying Charity was very excited about the Summerfest gig. I just found that out earlier tonight. They also mentioned, during the shows, that most of the new album was inspired by, and written in Wisconsin, which is where I live. Great two nights. Now it's Ames, Iowa on Thursday for another show. Favorite moment-seeing Charity grin when she saw me go nuts before they even began to start to sing Gone. I see the setup and I just know. Zach, the drummer is awesome. He beats the heck out of the drums with a morocco during two songs. He's my favorite drummer since Larry.
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    Tour designer: "So how big do you want this giant robot to be?" Muse: "Yes" Incredible show from the boys once again last night. Matt Bellamy said midway through the show that this night and the previous one were being filmed for a future release - which explained why a crane camera was flying back & forth right over my head! The songs from Simulation Theory also translated a lot better live than on record - Break It to Me in particular is growing. Also, Nothing But Thieves were spectacular as a support act and, as I've said here before, are absolutely worth your time if you love music.
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    Bit of wonderful preamble to a great track.......
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    Lol Twist it, add salt and rub it in. I'm not looking at your photos any longer. j/k 😝 The Head and the Heart, in Madison tonight, is my next show. They were great in Chicago on Friday night but my gosh did we pay driving to and fro. They added Gone to the set list. I went nuts after the first bass note introducing it. I'm hoping Jon does The Glory of Music this evening.
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    I didn't renew after Mr.Mullen told the pissed off fans to "F-off" after a big ticket mix up a few tours back. I was an original "propaganda" member and didn't think I should be punished cause idiots were joining just to score tickets for re-sale! Oh well, Life goes on.
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    This is one of the best gifts for subscribers in a long time. I am glad we are not getting the vinyl releases anymore. That said, U2 could be better providing members downloads more often. It's not a huge deal to provide more live shows from the '80s to the latest tours. I am sure the catalog they have on vaults is enormous. Just get it out and give the hardcore fans something to cheer about. While I am looking forward to seeing the entire print package, I think through the membership year U2 could very well gift away these concerts consistently.
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    The Waterboys in Red Bank, NJ next Tuesday for me.
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    Ouch! I hope phase two goes well. I want to make a laughing gas joke. 😶
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    Here's one I put on U2Start. As described above. Startingwith the JT album, to leave room for highlights off the recent albums & arena tours. Long set, as this part of the world has been ignored for a while. Never going to happen. The Joshua Tree + i+e+i1. Where the Streets Have No Name2. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For3. With or Without You4. Bullet the Blue Sky5. Running to Stand Still6. Red Hill Mining Town7. In God's Country8. Trip Through Your Wires9. One Tree Hill10. Exit11. Mothers of the Disappeared*** Intermission (Love Is All We Have Left) ***12. The Blackout13. Lights Of Home / Red Flag Day14. Zoo Station15. The Fly16. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses17. Desire / All I Want is You18. Acrobat19. Summer Of Love / Starting At The Sun20. New Year's Day / A Sort Of Homecoming21. Raised By Wolves22. Until the End of the World****** Encore ******23. Beautiful Day / Vertigo24. Gone / Bad25. One26. Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way / The Little Things That Give You Away
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    there are several candles to St Jude and Batman so they intercede for us and make the miracle of 2 DVD/Bluray sets: one US/CA show and one European... I hope these works... =D
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