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    Twenty Three Live Anyone predict The Troubles? Or The Crystal Ballroom? Bet you didn't...but here it is, the complete tracklisting for our subscribers-only double CD 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'. A live album of innocence and a live album of experience. It's now mixed, mastered and making its way through the pressing plant. And here's the first selection of previously unseen images from the beautiful photographic collection, that comes with this special release. More details on the way. https://www.u2.com/news/title/twenty-three-live
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    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    ALSO Out on My instagram: Ocean Flowers of the Moon... ////////// I made this drawing after I was Commissioned by Dimitriy-Rippingaxe on DeviantArt !!!!! https://www.deviantart.com/rippingaxe

    © CRIS

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    Yes to those two especially! I would add Zoo Station. Perhaps they will make the EI DVD.
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    After Bad, it's my favorite U2 song. It's mind blowing to see it live. I think they skipped it because it's on so many other things that have been released. As for your confusion to my post about us asking for much-it was just a silly joke from being excited about this gift and the new tour. My gut tells me there is a decent chance they will play UTEOTW for TJT 2019 (mere conjecture but I think we'll hear it). It's a new tour in places they have not played for a long time, if at all. I too am hoping it makes the set list. I watch the EI live versions on YouTube all the time.
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    The reason for discussing this is because we love u2 so much. The point is not that we're not thankful or something. This is about informing subscribers who paid their membership and are promised certain things. So confusing starts and then a forum is a great place to share feelings about this. The gift gor this year is among the best gifts they they've had, so inform subscribers and ship this great item. Money isn't the issue I think.
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    I wish, but it's a guitar amp through I shall use my riffs to power up the whole world!
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    Don’t really get the need for it..Don’t people already have it on U22 and ZOO TV from Sydney? I would however love to have Acrobat, Wild Horses and Dirty Day on a well mastered CD.
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    I love it that they are all new songs!
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    SAME HERE, MAN.... Same here.. I listen to it everyday and 5 to 15 live versions too... ..... I'm very sad about it .... Personally.... I would have wanted the Glasgow 2015 I+E shows..at least available for download...here on the site....Without changing the physical gift.... I can't understand why they're not DOING it.... There would be a WHOLE lot more Subscribers if they gave us concerts to download ......
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    I wonder if there will be an extra volume released eventually from these two tours, like "Edge's Picks" came out after the original "U22" compilation from the U2360 tour. It would be nice to have a collection of the rarely/never-previously played (or virtually reinvented, e.g., "New Year's Day", "Dirty Day") songs from the i&e and e&i tours in addition to what we are getting. I have no problem with what's on these two discs; I just hope for a bit more - the total "Innocence and Experience" tour cycle had a lot of exceptional performances that deserve to be commemorated.
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    I did not. I was hoping for The Troubles but didn't think it would be a part of this. I would never have even hoped for The Crystal Ballroom. That is a very nice surprise. The same is true of Volcano and California. Two tracks are from Chicago, where I attended the shows. That's a nice as well. As always, thanks to the mods.
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    This just popped up on my Facebook memories 360 @ Wembley Stadium.. This means a decade has passed since U2 360.... how the hell did that happen!? Oh and phone cameras have improved a lot in the intervening decade!
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    The subscriber's gift is one facet of our membership; not the sum of all its parts. This thread is specifically about the 2019 subscription gift-not the past nor the future.. Each of us is free to create a separate thread to address concerns about what was and/or wishes for what will be.concerning subscribers gifts and possible surprise releases in the future. IE and EI are a marking point for U2. Once again, they set the bar. The 2019 subscribers gift is celebrating yet another amazing accomplishment by the greatest rock band ever These two tours helped countless people, throughout the world, get through very difficult times. In my opinion, we should be celebrating and appreciating this gift for what it is, not dumping on it for what it is not. . IE and EI were special. Let's honor it and dance away the chaos we all feel. .
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    This was just shared with me and I was given permission to share it here. It may take longer than you hope, but if they have enough information to pull an account, they will. Just be mindful of the fact that this may or may not affect their ability to open another account with another name; and it is in your best interest not to follow accounts that look like a individual band member’s account (because the real members don’t have those), nor let them follow you. Always report suspicious behavior, such as the charming messages asking for your email address.
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    Hello ! And Much Love for Japan from Romania !!! ¬ Cristian
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    I L♥️VE THE DETAILS Pain! I love how the water falls down beautiful I would love to see more water fountains. 👏👏 AND those BEAUTIFUL LITTLE flowers in the middle. So much detail all together. All in a beautiful bunch. 👏👏🌺🌺🌺 Well done pain. I would love to see some animals again maybe some whales 🐋or Dolphins! 🐬 CAN you do FROGS I LOVE FROGS🐸MAYBE ON SOME LILLY PADS! 🐸Don't have a lily Pad EMOJI! 😂 WELL DONE AGAIN Pain. ♥️
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    Yeah, Lucifer’s Hands would make a nice bonus Download. We can hope...but I wouldn’t count on it. i still don’t get why we didn’t eventually get all 46 songs from the U22 voting booth. For those who don’t remember, we got to vote on 22 out of 46 songs for the U22 release. The next year, Edge’s Picks gave us 15 more. Bonus Downloads those 2 years added 6 of the others. That left 3 songs MIA. I’d love to see the Fan Club throw those up as bonus Downloads for us...but I don’t see that happening sadly... Missing Tracks were: -Mothers of the Disappeared -Party Girl -Return of the Stingray Guitar Can anyone at the Fan Club make this happen?
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    Sorry, I am a bit late, Rammstein´s concert was yesterday.
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    How about...no I’m actually Mick Hucknall.... which reminds me ....I hate simply red too...* *thinks to self ....maybe I do have an anti ginger agenda....
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    Don’t worry, when I had hair I looked like Gary Barlow... when he was the fat one in the band!
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    Glad to hear it! To us over in the UK he's like the American version of Jeremy Corbyn. If those two could get into office the "special relationship" between to the US & UK could actually be truly special.
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    Saw a colleague the other day, I guess he's running for President of the US.
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    May you soon be found. I'm in a really good mood. It's been a great day. I'm listening to Sheryl Crow and feeling mellow. A midnight walk by the lake with more tunes is on deck.
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    Anything and everything they do upsets some people. It's U2.
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    possible... on the other hand, think of all the happy fans from the Philippines... having the band for the first time will be awesome... 🤩
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    I social media ‘unfriended’ a former work colleague who kept on posting closet rascist posts about immigration. the daft twunt works with at least 2 doctors from India.... idiot - you are the weakest link.. goodbye!
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    Ahhh, new tracks. The Miracle was the first ever U2 song I heard live in the flesh so it's always got a special place for me. Love Is All We Have Left is a track I was kind of sad not to hear live in its original form - it's mesmerising.
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    I would've liked Acrobat, that's one change I'd make for myself
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    I don't care, man..... I want Until the End of the World....the fans pay, the fans SAY !!!!! Customer is always right !!!!! AAAH ! :OOOO
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    That would be nice. We don't ask for much, do we? 😀
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    OMG, finally someone said that... It's my all time favourite song and I listen to it and like 5 live versions on a daily basis before i start work in the morning.... everyday - that's right... I wanted to have this too in the album.. my dream is to see them play at JT in singapore.. they havent played it at any JT shows in 2017 so im worried if the set list is gonna be the same as 2017 but I really want them to play it...
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    From the album: seresere

    U2 Live at the Olympic Stadium, Rome 15-7-2017 (Night 1)
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    And LOL.... You guys thought we were gonna get Acrobat and Horses .... ...
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    Thanks for the update! Landlady from Milan... Yay!! Beautiful photos, btw
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    This is the reaction I got when I ask U2.com Hello John, Thank you for reaching out to Fan Club Support. I will be glad to assist you. I apologize for the delay. I looked into this for you and found that we should expect shipping to start in August. If you need anything else, please reply to this email and let us know. Sincerely, Jeanette M U2.com Team then I of course asked the following Thanks for the reply and the info, As this is known why is this not on U2.com as news item ?. I am not the only one who has these questions, look in the zootopia section regards John with this reaction Hello John, Thank you for contacting Fan Club Support, and I am so sorry updates have not been provided through u2.com. The news section will be updated once the gift has officially been released. I am so sorry for the confusion and wait. We appreciate your patience. If you need anything else, just reply to this email. Have a great day! Sincerely, Roberto U2.com Team
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    Been Listening to it for three weeks now....
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    You seem to love her very much. That's everything, which I think you know. I'm very sorry to hear all of this, padawanbeck84. I will continue to say prayers. Please keep me/us posted. Not about me when I say my good thing is that I care. 💙
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    You can't tell me that over 6 months after it was announced no one who is working on this knows the tracklist. They know. Even if they don't have a guaranted date of when these will begin shipping they surely know the contents. So why not announce that, and just say "shipping is expected to begin shortly" (i.e. during August). At the moment the silence is deafening and no one seems willing to stick their head above the parapet and comment.
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    Happily married for 15 years today, if I had my time again I’d make exactly the same choice.
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    First of all, thnx for your honest and full reply on a matter i didnt want to stir up in such manner but since it's what is quiet relevant it might be good to be clear about some topics. When you are as famous as these guys are, everything you say or do gets magnified and twisted. The most who criticizing others are in a position to conceal their own dirt. like you said, looking at specks. its like they are using whatever they can twist for their own agenda. but being number one at ratings is something every artist come's accros when theu lance a new album and with this you expose yourself to all kinds of rediclious opions, i think its a shame but this is someting you get with the package of fame. Oncs you got the name of being a dodgy figure in their eye's they will hunt you forever, i think this is the case when you follow a trail of opions wich feed eachother and have the same conclusion. Which is, not in my eyes but in as you said, i've read to much into hyped media story's. I took a story and followed it, it lead me to old intervieuws and at the end the som is something completely different then the intent. I just asked a question, didnt get much reply other a well explained one of yours, There should be more interaction, its always better to talk and inform then to be scilent and sigh..
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    U2 performed in Las Vegas at Tmobile Arena on May 11, 2018 . Photos: Victor Chavez / IG: @fotografomx

    © Victor Chavez / IG: @fotografomx

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