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    From the album: The Secret Rhythm of Trees

    A fun drawing and ALSO My New Instagram Post Link :

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    I made some cookies using a different recipe which is the kind they use at Double-tree hotels.
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    To be honest, if it still bugged me, I'd pursue it. The lady who will not give you her superior's number may be bullying as well. I once got two free tickets to see Coldplay because it rained and almost washed away Soldier Field in Chicago. (bad) I got confused and could not find will call. Someone either turned around the signs or they got turned in the storm. (or I was confused) TM and LN said no. (Eight hours I called and called) The next day, I found the name of the head of customer relations at SF and she gave me two tickets for any show I wanted to see the next season. "David,. I'd be happy to comp you...", were her exact words. All I did was leave a message. She called and gave me the comps. Everyone told me no yet she said yes. Coldplay returned and she put us right up front. . It never hurts to try if it is still bothering you. Plus, you can at least address the fool who harassed you and ask that the venue make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. They are much more responsive if I call, and they hear my voice, than they would be in email. I never expect anything but often get comp'd (or something) if I had a bad experience at a show's venue. (I usually have great experiences) Different countries but people in box offices/up higher at venues are, by and large, very decent people where I live. I'd find out who is the head of customer relations, get his or her number and call. Usually I get voicemail which is a great way of introducing what happened and how it affected me. People in those positions are often happy to help. They generally have the ability to assist and offer compensation, where initial contacts do not, screen calls and say no. I remember reading your post about this situation when it originally happened. Perhaps calling and at least talking to someone might grant peace to what should have been a wonderful and stress free evening. You did pay for it. The venue has responsibility to at least listen to what you have to say. give you a reasonable response, and offer some type of resolution. (I hope I'm not coming off as preachy or telling you what to do). If it bothered me as it seems to bother you-I'd call and call until I got the correct person. Oh-use the fact that the person in the email would not give you her superior's contact info. That falls on the venue too. "I would have addressed this sooner but I didn't now how...it's really been bothering me...." You're not lying plus the venue now has two instances where they have not provided you decent service. I wouldn't point that out but the person in charge will be thinking it when you speak on the phone. (I'm going by my experiences and people I know who manage box offices or work at venues) You paid a lot of money for those tickets. It's not your fault that lady wouldn't give you the name of whom you should next contact. It's obviously bothering you. I'd gently keep pushing for resolution if I felt what you've expressed. (this got really long-please pardon me) It would bother me too. I hope you find peace and resolution so the good part of the show far exceeds the dummy who caused the mess in the first place. I was confusing bad customer service and people who buy red zone thinking they should be royalty. That's why I got a bit harsh but was wrong. Good luck!
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    Going to see The Church on Easter Weekend? 😀
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    Going to see The Church this weekend. They are performing the entire Starfish album, which happens to be one of my top 10 desert island albums.
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    ...and I just listened to SOE again today. Just a lovely piece of music! 😎
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    Just a reminder... I still love this album!
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