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    I got up early and caught a 6am train to a nearby town to get my copy. When I left my home it was cold and dark , just before sunrise and so quiet and all the birds were twittering away I thought to myself what a joyful beautiful day and it was- I secured a copy later. I feel that sometimes I do mad things for U2 but rarely am I disappointed - the band always bring joy to my life
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    It is heavy, good quality glossy paper that is folded in two to create a pamphlet about 12x12. On the front is the entire Chaplin speech. Inside both pages are taken up of a live shot of the audience and E+I screen. This also has the credits for the music on the ep.
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    Superb release. Great packaging and great tunes. I think demand on the ground was up on other years too. Could we get wav downloads on u2.com or could I add my voice to those looking for a for-purchase digital release? There is a clamour for rips/ copies from folks who were unable to get to a participating store so the demand is there.
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    Mark 11:25 And Whenever you stand up to pray,if you have something against anyone,forgive so that you Father in Heaven, may forgive you your wrongdoings.
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    YES! Thank you for saying this! I’m usually the voice in the wilderness here asking for WAV downloads, so it was very heartwarming to read someone else say it too! I also think that this is exactly the kind of thing that should be given to the subscribers here. Release the vinyl first, then offer the WAV downloads to members here in short order. It would be a fitting perk of membership. Thank you very much for describing it! Now, I will be opening it sooner rather than later. 😎
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    Psalms 94:19. When my anxieties multiply, your comforting calms me down.
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    The stickers are the same images as found on the RSD store items. Slogans like "Prosperity is watching you," "We must unite," and so on.
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    I must say that I did very well. Got U2, Dylan, Van, Doors and Noel Gallagher. Was very tempted by Lennon but it was starting to add up. I would have loved to get Bingo Handjob but it was nowhere to be found. Copies online for $150 - I can do without.
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    Score! Got everything I was hoping for.
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    I was about 25th in line, but the store I went to had 5 copies (I got the second one; one fellow was in line in front of me who got one too - I congratulated his good taste 😎). $26.99 here. The other store I could have gotten it from had it for a dollar cheaper, but, since they had only ordered one, I took my chances at the other location. I don’t regret the strategy. A lovely piece of art!
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    Just picked mine up... for anyone interested it costs $24.99 😳
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    Sirach 18:18. A fool reproach ungraciously, and a gift from a begrudging giver becomes an eyesore.
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    It’s not an apartment it’s a flat.... bloody colonies can’t soeak the mother tongue properly mutter mutter. πŸ˜‰
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    I’m late.... happy belated birthday M!
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    I guess it was 2013....so much has happened in the last 10 years, it's all kind of a blur sometimes.
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    Announcement times: in a nutshell: It takes the time it takes... There could be some information floating around the fan community (as well as many rumors and speculation).. but it is a different situation if you are talking "behind the stage" (so to speak)... it's a big operation and there are many things involved, in a way that everything has to be tight before making it public - this takes time... If there is a tour to be announced, be sure it will be published as soon as everything is ready... no other option but to have patience... News relevance or lack of it: duly noted, but also take into account that it's your personal opinion about them... Fan Club CD and Tracks: a bit about the same situation on the time to announce things... it would be great for us if everything could be released immediately, but this can't be possible... again, patience...
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    Wasn't there also a separate release of it for a Record Store Day back then too?
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    Just a reminder... I still love this album!
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    This isn't in the Bible, it's a prayer song from my childhood which has been in my mind.. This is an excerpt from what is known as A prayer to Saint Francis.. Lord make me a channel of your peace Where there is hatred, let me bring love, Where there is offense,let me bring pardon, Where there is discord, let me bring union, Where there is error, let me bring truth, Where there is doubt ,let me bring faith, Where there is despair, let me bring hope, Where there is darkness, let me bring your light.... Amen πŸŽˆπŸΊπŸŒšπŸŒ’πŸŽ†
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    Inside the White House with D.C.'s most wired reporter. Sign up for Mike Allen's Axios AM. Email STORIES Gayle E. SmithMar 28, 2019 SAVE EXPERT VOICES Cyclone-lashed southern Africa needs more support for recovery People wading through flood waters in Buzi, Mozambique, after Cyclone Idai. Photo: Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images After making landfall earlier this month, Cyclone Idai caused devastating flooding and destruction throughout Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, leaving up to 1,000 people feared dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. The big picture: The UN called Idai "one of the worst natural disasters to hit southern Africa in living memory." Shortages of food and clean water and the risk of contracting fatal diseases like cholera or malaria only make the situation worse. Show less Details: Like the Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the post-Idai emergency didn't initially receive the attention crises of this scale often do, though the international humanitarian system has begun to respond. Farmers have lost crops and livestock in the floods, and many impacted areas were already facing food insecurity. In response, the UN's World Food Programme has sent 20 tons of high-energy food, but more supplements will be needed. Regional communications and transportation remain major challenges. Local officials are rushing to restore power while government workers slowly repair and reopen roads that were washed away. Experts have warned of a "ticking time bomb" of disease as survivors are exposed to bacteria-infested flood waters. The World Health Organization has sent 900,000 oral cholera vaccines to the region (at least 5 cases of cholera have already been reported) and is preparing to send 900,000 bed nets in anticipation of a spike in malaria. Where it stands: The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has authorized $700,000 in emergency assistance β€” an amount likely to climb β€” and deployed a response team to Mozambique to determine the extent of the damage. Personnel from U.S. Africa Command have also been dispatched. Nonprofit groups from Save the Children to the International Committee of the Red Cross have stepped up to deliver supplies, provide health services and help reunite families. The bottom line: Even the smallest shocks to regions like southern Africa can trigger vicious cycles of poverty, violence and conflict β€” and the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai was anything but small. Hundreds of thousands of people now depend on a robust international response that will need to be sustained from emergency management through to rebuilding. Gayle E. Smith is the president and CEO of the ONE Campaign and a former administrator of USAID.