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    I think they still do. If there's one thing I noticed on Songs of Experience that I hadn't felt on Songs of Innocence or No Line On the Horizon, it was just how present the theme of love was. It's a hard feeling to find in much of the world these days, I will admit, but when I listen to that album I feel it fiercely.
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    I love how Larry drives the car through the desert and the hot girl and I wish it were Bukowski instead of Burroughs at the end......The music is extremely cool !!! Of course !! It's actually Bukowski's poetry collection that's called " The Last Night of the Earth" !
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    Same boat - about where did the time go - I have so many memories of my first daughter as a baby, all wrapped up on me, as I swayed her to sleep to Moment of Surrender. And blasting Magnificent in the car, too.
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    I was sure such a thread already existed, but I couldn't find it. (Mods, if I am mistaken, please feel free to place this post in the one that already exists.) R.I.P., Bruno Ganz. He was the star of Wim Wenders two films, Wings Of Desire and Faraway So Close. Here's more info on him: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/16/obituaries/bruno-ganz-dead.html He played an angel and now he is one...R.I.P., Bruno. (If this is indeed a new thread, I hope everyone will use it for future passings of significance.)
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    Watching Live Aid, seeing Bono sing in desperation to reach millions of people, he jumps down the stage and hugs one girl drawn from the crowd. This Live Aid performance, more than any other performance by U2, captures for me the true spirit of unconditional love. U2 needs to burn for love again, needs to get in front of millions of people again to sing their message of love. Love is not hip, but love is the way forward in this world of today. Maybe I am a fool for cherishing these naive wishes, but I sincerely hope U2 will want to burn for love again.
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    I've been thinking of him today, after I read about his passing. Nice to see this thread, thank you dmWay. Wings of Desire is my absolute favorite film of all time. I can't count how many times I have watched it and I am moved every time. And it's thanks to U2 that I discovered the beautiful films of Wim Wenders.
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    I agree with Peter, SOE is soaked in love.
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    ...and I am currently 4th in the GA line/queue. 😎 Should have some good pictures later...
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    Hello .... Buona Sera, Signorina......
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    My "good thing" which happened was I finally saw "Bohemian Rhapsody" via Netflix!!
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    Well, the computer problems weren't a good thing - but I sorted them out all by myself. I'm not brilliantly techy, so for me, that's quite an achievement
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    A nice U2-oriented site gave me the gift of a lossless version of the Dublin ZooTV show. Now, that is a good thing. 😎
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    44, 779 - Given how much stress and hassle some of the people around me have had with relationships, I'm happy to stay single. Besides, with all the books and Star Wars stuff, there's no room in my house for anyone else
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    In the U2 world, it can refer to a variety of time frames... We suggest patience. When the time comes, it will be announced on the main site and here in Zootopia...
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    44777 - Of course it took me until Valentine's Day to realise just how lonely I've been lately. Been slogging non-stop at work over the last two months which meant I didn't get to see any of my extended family over Christmas and barely any of my immediate family. Barely seen my friends at all lately, and of course on today of all days I'm seeing couple photos plastered across my entire social feed. Half my friends at my age are either in a solid relationship, engaged or having kids, and of course I just have to sit and see all of it.
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    44766 - I know the feeling. I'm currently have to look for jobs as my current one isn't giving me enough hours to sustain a living. The constant cycle of rejection is getting me down. 😞 You're not alone.
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    44, 764 - Late-night counting. I'm still trying to find a job There must be one out there somewhere.
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    As of now this is what I have lined up... Early June - Bikini Kill. Mid June - The Rolling Stones. Late September - Billy Bragg x2. Getting the BK ticket was a challenge and by strange coincidence the seat number I ended up with is highly significant for me. Then again I'm not sure that I believe in coincidences.
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    I have moved onto older U2 stuff, however; I keep coming back to SOE. The four songs I listen to the most now are: You're The Best Thing. Get Out of Your Own Way. The Little Things and Landlay. I move onto other artists only to remember I forgot 13. I now love 13 as a permanent part of my favorite late night, all mellow and cozy before bed playlist.