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    Wow, you're right, what a crowd! It helps having a stadium sized stage, enveloped by an arena, the seats so much closer. The noise from the crowd was so great! Unlike the gigantic cricket/ALF grounds used in Australia, where the crowd was so far away. But in general, the Japanese crowd were into the show so much more! Looking up towards the seats, & seeing everybody standing for the majority of the show! Love is Bigger got a much, much better reception from the Japanese than the Brisbane crowd, that's for sure. Singing the oh, oh, oh, oh's, in full voice. Of course your experience is influenced by those around you. My girlfriend & I were by the top-of-the-tree, with a young Japanese women directly behind us. She was so into the show! Jumping, crying, screaming! It was such a great experience to see how the show effected her. We had our own private party on many occasions. Turning away from that beautiful screen & the band on the main stage, to sing, dance, embrace & jump like lunatics together. Such a wonderful experience.
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    keep us updated on this strategy, we still awaiting news of 2020 gift, and keeping note of those in same situation as yourself,
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    mich40, I got the email. It was indeed flagged by gmail as spam. Recovered it. Thanks. All set now.
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    What a show! Thanks to everyone who joined us here. Next up, the final πŸ˜₯ show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 in Mumbai on Sunday. Take care.
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    I got asked on a date by what seems to be a sincere and nice guy and said yes.
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    The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 December 8, 2019 Seoul, South Korea Gocheok Sky Dome #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 #LiveThreads #Seoul #U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday I Will Follow New Year's Day Pride (In The Name of Love) Where the Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love)[snippet] I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Stand By Me (snippet) With or Without You Bullet the Blue Sky / The Star-Spangled Banner (snippet) / America (snippet) Running to Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit / Wise Blood (snippet) Mothers of the Disappeared Desire Elevation Vertigo / She Loves You (snippet) / Love Me Do (snippet) Even Better Than the Real Thing Every Breaking Wave Beautiful Day Ultra Violet (Light My Way) Love is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way /All You Need Is Love (snippet) One / Invisible (snippet) Source: http:/mixlr.com/nicou2/| mixlr.com/u2gigs |/http:/mixlr.com/sil-rigote--2/ http:/mixlr.com/yuzu2/
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    My subscription is due to renew in a few days, but the only choices for renewal gifts are ones I already have (the live songs of i + e arrived this week). Any advice on what to do would be much appreciated - I don't need another copy of the new live 2CD set.
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    45279 - I seriously hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the exit poll is forecasting the biggest Tory majority since Thatcher. I am shaking.
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    Finally got it after almost seven weeks after e-mail notification.... and more than a year since it had been announced. BUT It's a great gift!!! I hope the next gift will be sent out a lot quicker. Please learn from the mistakes.... Live Nation or whom it will concern.
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    Wow...the crowd is absolutely belting out "One"...
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    I'm glad that LIBTAIIW came back. 😊
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    I Will miss everything ❀️❀️❀️
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    Ok, that actually just made me tear up because of my story for this tour....
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    The Whole of the Moon... AUDIO http://mixlr.com/u2gigs/ http://mixlr.com/nicou2/ VIDEO https://www.pscp.tv/search?q=U2
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    According to my handy dandy app, it is Chromatics "Into the Black'.
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    so this is when someone is with me hahaha with a three-picture
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    Still waiting for my CD, I will not be resubscribing to U2.com. It's a joke, I'll just pick up a gift on ebay as that will be quicker.
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    45 270 I always play Monopoly with my nieces in Iceland.......with Icelandic streets ❀️
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    Cool how Elevation starts with "Seoul... Seoul..."
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    This one is working better - http://mixlr.com/sil-rigote--2/
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    Watched them in Singapore for the first time on the 1st of December. Life long dream come true. Looking forward to a similar experience in Mumbai.
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    They're pulling the wool over your eyes jremyu2! There's nothing fair about the check-in system, they're not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They're self-serving, gaining the best possible spot in the line, with the least work possible. Maybe a check-in system was necessary in the US. But this isn't the case in Australia. Yes, I believe numbering is important, to prevent queue jumping, & keeping entry orderly. But the check-in system is a different beast. It isn't necessary, unless camping isn't allowed nearby (this isn't the case in Australia). Brisbane allowed camping. A local started the line (using numbering), & virtually none of the check-in crew could be bothered to camp out. Only about 30 people camped out, a great mix of 40% locals, & 60% internationals. Anyone arriving in the very early hours of show day, around 4-5am, could get a number from 30-50. Compare that to the check-in system used in Melbourne & Sydney. Specifically designed to disadvantage locals. Melbourne, with a 1pm check-in, impossible for most working locals. Sydney, a line started around 10am, & well over a hundred before locals had even finished work! Those who couldn't participate in the check-in system arrived early on the day of the show to be greeted by a list with hundreds of names on it. Certainly not fair in my book. Thank god Japan was different. Unfortunately, I'd say a high proportion of the earlier entries (first 300) went to foreigners, as they were from the Red Hill presale (less Japanese were signed up before the tour announcement, as U2 hadn't toured there in 13 years). But the very front people (first 50), at least for show 2, were locals as they had their own presales. The exception was Melissa, one of the heads of the check-in crew, who was right at the front of the line for the Sydney shows (I'll just say her first name, as the mods may not like me throwing dispersions about). She came in very late, after the early numbers had been checked & ordered, but were still waiting to get in. Barging through the crowd, flashing her ticket, moving up to the front of the line. Supposedly number 5 in line, the only foreigner amongst dozens of Japanese. After the first show she'd have known that the tickets weren't scanned, the stubs were just torn off. Was she really the only foreigner, with number 5, amongst dozens of locals, or was the ticket doctored. I'll leave that for you to decide, but I know what my money's on, after hearing about her behaviour in Berlin & seeing her in action at Sydney.
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    My wife has received the same message, and she's just received her copy!! re-subscribe and receive THE SAME GIFT???? IT'S A JOKE!!!. And I still have not received my copy....... More professionals an less beer
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    So, situation with me is as follow (hope that this can help to anybody) 01 November - I received e-mail from U2.com regarding my gift 08 November - EDGEWOOD, NY, United States, Package received for processing by UPS Mail Innovations 11 November - EDGEWOOD, NY, United States, Package processed by UPS Mail Innovations origin facility 12 November - Edgewood, NY, United States, Package transferred to post office 13 November - United States, Package processed by international carrier 13 November - United States, Package departed international carrier facility 02 December - Bulgaria, Package arrived at international carrier Today - I pick up my gift from post station in Sofia, Bulgaria (but probably it was already there from 03 or 04 December).
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    Jaja you're welcome, it looks like Bono loves pizza πŸ˜‚β€οΈπŸ•
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    Received mine today.... just listening with closed eyes and I'm back one year ago in Paris for a fantastic show together with my childs an my wife... one of the most beautiful days of my life ! 36 years after our first U2 concert ...
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    Monday is such a fricken let down after watching U2 concerts this weekend. The fact I feel the same way about their music 35 years after my first U2 concert is testament to their amazing music. So good they have been on this tour ❀️
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    Last Thursday I went to Philadelphia to see Bob Dylan for the first time. Well worth the trip. Philly is a great spot with or without Bob. On Black Friday I'm heading into NYC to see Bob again. This will be my first time at The Beacon so November is turning into a month of firsts.
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    Wow two amazing shows. Well worth the trip from Vancouver!!! Thanks again to the amazing Australian fans for their hospitality. Also, thanks to the SCG employees that helped us with relocating our seats for night 2 when ours were blocked off (due to visibility issues). The upgrade was great!!!
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    Yes. Yes, I did. I do every show at some point. Tonight was several times, the worst being during Red Hill. It’s one of my favorite songs that I thought I’d never hear live and have now heard it 6 times between 2017 and 2019. Both Sydney shows were absolutely epic. I will never forget them.
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    My "Good thing" is I signed up for a local Jingle Bell Fun Run alternative called "Jingle in your Jammies" for those of us who cannot make the race. By the way, the charity event's proceeds go to the American Arthritis Society because we need a cure!!
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