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    Please do not make this (or any other rumors) a contest about X,Y or Z... if/when there's something firm and concrete you will find all the official information on the main site. Please do not make any plans until there is official information... thanks
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    Can't sleep anymore with the great news (Australian tour)!!
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    I see 3 dates in Australia have been booked I wonder where else they will be going. its got to be a Scottish gig
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    Yes, a Happy Birthday to two of the men I respect the most in my life: Bono and my Dad. May 10th is a blessed day indeed.
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    So I was watching Bohemian Rhapsody for a second time last night and something I did not notice when I saw this movie in the cinema was four guys portraying the members of U2 dressed in the same gear they wore that day during there Live Aid performance passing Freddie Mercury on his way to the stage. Pretty cool I thought!
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    The best thing to do when rumours are flying every which way, is to just be patient and wait for official news from U2.com if/when it occurs. And remember, please do not book flights, hotels, etc based on the rumours that are coming right now.
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    Love is Blindness-studio version.
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    U2start has TENTATIVE dates posted for the Austro-Asian tour on pg. 224 of the appropriate thread there. It seems to be coming... 😎
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    A very important and motivating song for me and my drawing VS the whole world which is against me, especially my family ! IS ARE YOU GONNA WAIT FOREVER ? Furniture.... you can rearrange, Don't TRADE your dreams for some SMALL change......
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    ...and it was FANTASTIC! 😎 If you can see a show, see one. It’s amazing!
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    Adam dressed like he's in a completely different band.
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    The link in the post that Peter made (the middle one of these three quoted) has the most current news - just click on it.
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    I would also say that if someone sends an ID like this that 1) he can't sign it as "Bono" when that's not the printed name and 2) it looks like a photo-shopped picture, especially if you look around his ears and top of head. Definitely if anyone else gets an ID like this, do not take that as proof, there are criminals who professionally make fake IDs for whoever wants one so it's not a leap to think they would do it to try to fool people into believing they are a celebrity.
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    10 Years Ago today THIS GEM was Released and I went CRAZY !!!!!
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    The way I see it religion is a human construct. If you look back into the Bible Jesus told his followers that you can have a direct relationship with God. There is no need to go through the middle men with their rituals, money changing and power structure. When asked how a person could pray as an individual Jesus gave them the Lord's prayer. It is exactly the same with Buddhism and others... the founder advocated a personal interaction with the Divine but when the founder passed away humans quickly inserted themselves between God and people. Basically "You have to go through us to get to God, and it's not a free service brothers and sisters." But each to their own, find what works for you. There are people who find support in being part of a community and that is great. If it helps you to go through a middle man then good, whatever works for you. However you don't need to. The Divine is everywhere and everyone. They don't just hang out in churches and temples.