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    no it is really ridiculous that U2.com does not give a statement because of the delay. I think it is really time that expresses u2. if you say you send the CD in the spring and we have summer now and still nothing, then something should happen now 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 sommer of waiting
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    if you even don't care to share an update on the delay to me this shows great disrespect to your client/fans from U2.com. For the future don't mention dates just say next year.......
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    You can't tell me that over 6 months after it was announced no one who is working on this knows the tracklist. They know. Even if they don't have a guaranted date of when these will begin shipping they surely know the contents. So why not announce that, and just say "shipping is expected to begin shortly" (i.e. during August). At the moment the silence is deafening and no one seems willing to stick their head above the parapet and comment.
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    Happily married for 15 years today, if I had my time again I’d make exactly the same choice.
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    ...and what a Men’s Final today! Djokovic holds on to beat Federer 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12 (and winning the first-ever 5th-set tiebreak in a Grand Slam Major tournament ever, 7-3). Just a phenomenal match which confirmed that these two are two of the very best in the world in tennis, and the best two on grass courts specifically. AMAZING Final! 🎾
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    Maybe they’re having trouble finding someone to make CDs....
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    As much as I wanted Rafa to win today, I have to take my hat off to Roger Federer. 37 and no signs of slowing down. Most players have retired at his age and he's into another Wimbledon final. I feel privileged to be able to watch such great players making history. Maybe he's secretly an elf?
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    A 2019 gift should be completed and ready to ship the first week of January 2019. Now it is closer to the start of 2020 than the start of 2019 and still nothing. Very poor. Also as this is included as part of a paid subscription is is not a gift but rather an item that we bought and paid for in advance.
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    Poor business model to not to at least update the fans who have renewed their subscription for this gift. Frankly it shows a lack respect for the fans who have been so loyal. I get the sense the band is probably unaware or they would have pushed a little. Peace.
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    Romans 8:26 English Standard Version (ESV) 26 Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.
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    Zooropa bluer kind of white version
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    yep, like I said this is one of the best gifts they are offering. The vinyls are useless to me and they always seem a cheap way out of giving something substantial. I like the idea of giving full concerts downloads. They have all that audio sitting in some vault. Share with fans and create cool packages that later they can sell at a price that can make a profit. I love U2 but feel the membership should be able to offer way more than they do.
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    You have to make U2 aware that they should make a statement and not write times to wait and be patient. As long as the wait is very annoying and the desire always to pay a membership to get a gift at the end or to buy overpriced tickets at Livenation or Ticketmaster. we all have to write something to get attention. It would be best if U2 offers all your concerts for download.
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    Are the presales still happening?? Last news on the shows in The far east were from june 19th. What's the problem with an update on tracklisting and dispatching? If there are troubles then be clear to the fans. Now we don't hear anything, that's frustrating. The subscribers are very positive about this great gift, but the teasing of it doesn't please at all.
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    Hi I just subscribe to U2 member this June 2019 and I chose Vinyl as my gift. Till now I have not received it. I'm residing in Singapore. Can anyone advise who can I check the delivery status with?
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    My comment was not intended to be critical of anyone's opinion or feelings. I've learned to look on the bright side of things or life totally sucks. It's my approach to this as well. I'm also frustrated. I'm using YouTube for my fix until we get the cds. In no way was I trying to diminish anything anyone has written.
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    that may well be true but in the end the campaign is just as disappointing as it is. and you can not deny it
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    Yes, I realize things happen. That's understandable. But an update would be greatly appreciated, as it is now mid-July.
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    Now down to 481 GA. Hopefully we will get some sort of announcement about any additional dates after the Japan general sale on 20 July.
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    for me as a U2 fan it is really bad to see how commercial u2 has become. important is that every money paid. everything else does not matter ..... it's a shame. if U2 does it like metallica and offers every show as a download it would be very nice. but so far U2 is not. important is making more money
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    45, 049 - Achtung Baby-related artwork is always welcome. The tiles have a cool 3D effect too.
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    One thing (touring) doesn't have to do with other (producing Cds or at least letting us know when to expect them) respectfully. Just poor business / customer support. Peace.
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    I want this gift too, however, we are getting our fourth tour in how many years? Whenever I get impatient for this, I go to YouTube and watch IE/EI shows.
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    It's starting to be ridiculous indeed. Not even a tracklisting or more artwork as promised.... It's like the band itself. Years and years waiting for releases, deluxe editions pop or r&h, the Joshua Tree dvd, e&i dvd. Instead of that multiple vinyl reissues in all colours of the rainbow. Come on U2... Get connection to your fans again!
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    Rip Torn - February 6, 1931 – July 9, 2019 Especially tough one. I loved most of his work-especially The Larry Sanders Show. He made me laugh so many times playing that character. Be free and fly with the angels, Mr. Torn.
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    My mom has cancer and got her recent blood test results. The counts are way down. The chemo pills were not working but now they are. She's still not sick from them, nor is she losing her hair. She's eighty years old and can do more than I can. I don't think this is going to kill her. I'm not God so I'm still praying. I've been very worried. Many thanks to the powers that be. Great news.
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    Galatians 6:1 Common English Bible (CEB) Caring and sharing 6 Brothers and sisters, if a person is caught doing something wrong, you who are spiritual should restore someone like this with a spirit of gentleness. Watch out for yourselves so you won’t be tempted too.
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    I got home from the library today just in time to watch Rafa Nadal's match v Joao Sousa. Rafa is playing amazingly well so far in this tournament. I'd like to see him win the men's side.
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    On April 28th and May 28th we received 2 live downloads, its July 1, what is taking so long, at least post the entire track list so we can know what to look forward to,
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    We should have a definitive tracklist by now... on 25th of april it was mentioned that we would have it next month.... What's the problem with announcing it???
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    Hi all, my song of the day is "Satellite of love" the great surprise in the NYC concert, 07/30/15....
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