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    We apologize but we need to take a few hours to rest before the Wires presale tomorrow. If you have a question or an issue to report, please write it here (or send us a PM) and we will come back to you as soon as possible... Thanks for understanding... see you in a little while...
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    Sydney 2 tickets sorted. Best presale ever, smooth sailing each time !
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    Just got my second Red Zone for Sydney #2! Coming from Los Angeles and beyond excited for my first trip down under. :-) Good luck to everyone!
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    Got my 2 RZ - weeee!!!!! Just Sydney to grapple with now.
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    RED ZONE issue requiring local address has been corrected.
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    OK I'm done...Melbourne, Sydney 1 and 2, that should keep me going for another 9-10 years.
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    Singapore GA line... it has started already???!!! (Just kidding - something to note for nearer time tho, thanks for info)
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    Got my GA’s from the Live Nation pre sale 🤗
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    Same same - RZ to Akl and Sydney for second nights. Phew!!!! Feel like I need a stiff drink!
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    It made me need to finally watch the whole movie. I've seen parts and stopped because it looked really good. I like both Ethan Hawke and Wynona Ryder. 13 is my U2 song of the day. I'm posting this clip because I was at both EI shows in Chicago. For this one-I was by myself and first row by the Edge. It was a dream come true. I almost fainted when he played the guitar solo for Pride to us and looked. I'm surprised I didn't fall to the ground and weep when it was Edge and Bono looking at us and performing. Bono was doing the horns and going at Edge. It was a glorious evening. 13 is still growing on me. I already loved it. .
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    It would be so awesome if they did Please or Gone.
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    Respect. I'm an asia from Sri Lanka, and this is my first ever U2 show. Was waiting for them to come to ASIA for 10 years and like you said I'm dreaming to get to the front in rail so you know. I don't know whether il be able to see U2 ever again, im guessing other asian fans feels the same too. But having said that I know, we will have to queue, but doubt asians will queue for days, I myself having spine disabilities, could queue for a maximum of 6 hours I would say, which I doube will be enought to get a railing spot.. lets see how luck turns out but if there are multiple entrances for GA that means it would be easier for people like us isnt it?
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    Got my tickets - kids coming too! I have been a member of this community for years never once thinking I would be in a position to access presales. Therefore I always told myself I would be more calm. After ignoring advice from my wife and using my phone over her laptop, I am now getting the world's biggest "I told you so" as well as a few glares for shouting at my phone and a few moments of panic. This is probably old news to many of the experienced campaigners here but will share my learnings here anyway: 1.Much better booking through computer for anyone in the same position. 2. Always listen to your wife! Thanks to the mods and others for your helpful advice.
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    We have our best people on it... news when we have it
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    Well done. If at first you don't succeed... and all that. Trying to get the Singapore only address thing fixed, but this seems good workaround for now
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    Yes, that’s another thing that has really impressed me with SOE: its staying power. I love it as much as I did in December 2017; frankly, I love it even more. The only other album I can say that about in the same way is AB. Coincidentally, these two albums (along with NLOTH) are the only albums where I feel like I haven’t listened to them properly unless I listen to them in their entirety in one sitting. Therefore, I guess, in my own personal reckoning, I have to call it a classic U2 album. If I’m placing it with AB (and I am), it must be a classic.
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    Yeah i tried to come to america or europe for the last 10 years and here in Sri lanka they dont easily give us visa unless we show a lot of wealth in our bank accounts so i never got the chance. So asia was my best bet and finally dream came true. I will post when i get the tickets on tuesday 😄
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    Ok, just called customer service (girl named Elissa): tickets have indeed been cancelled, money will be refunded in 1 to 2 weeks, presale code is still working.
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    Hi there... I'm Heshan and I'm from Sri Lanka Can say I think im the biggest U2 fan from Sri Lanka been a u2 fan for 10 years, when I started listening to their songs when I was 19. The singapore show will be my first ever U2 concert and looking forward to it
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    I always listen to U2 when things are crap, it really does help, doesn’t change things from being crap but does lift me inside to help me battle on.
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    Phillomena Lynott- Mother of Thin Lizzy Singer Phil Lynott
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    Well got red zone for Saturday 🤗,haven’t heard anything from tikettekss regards Friday collecter ticket,hope everything is ok ,Sydney n Perth tickets in bag,my nephew is all excited even though he’s not one of Bono’s fans-it’s an Irish thing😊,I’ll be in Perth where he lives on the Monday,so full week with him n gig on Wednesday,really looking forward to Australia,my wife twisted my arm to head south,poor me😀
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    My niece and nephew will be graduating tomorrow!!!
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    👍 I will be traveling from Southern CA as well, but I chose Tokyo in December instead of warm weather in Australia. Silly me 🤣 cheers
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    Congrats 😃 Me too, GA's sorted. In & out in 2 minutes, was my quickest presale ever! I had two computers, & the mobile going, with the "hold tight" countdown at 10:50. As long as one of those got through to the venue page - with less than 10 minutes to go before the presale began (as there's a 10 minute countown), you were good. Then it was sit & wait until exactly 11AM, bingo, straight in, no waiting.
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    cheers to everyone who posted their hints last week... I was able to get 3 GAs to Auckland 2 in less time than it took me to play One Tree Hill :-) Don't give up if you get an error like this, just close it and try again from U2.com/tour
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    Yes, should be fine, but use separate credit cards if possible.
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    Tomorrow morning I'll be off to Download Festival up north for a rock & metal weekender!
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    Worked this out for myself just now. Just remembered that I had purchased a t shirt from the u2 shop on Saturday for £23 and that explains the live nation charge on my cc! Must be getting old!
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    The Seoul presale has ended. There are two new dates announced: A second and final show in Auckland on Saturday, November 9th at Mt. Smart Stadium and a second and final show in Sydney on Saturday, November 23rd at the Sydney Cricket Ground. The presale for the second Auckland show starts on Thursday 13, June at 12.00 PM NZST (Red Hill Group) and Thursday 13, June at 4.00 PM NZST (Wires Group). The presale for the second Sydney show starts on Thursday 13, June at 11.00 AM AEST (Red Hill Group) and Thursday 13, June at 3.00 PM AEST (Wires Group) At this moment there is no information about possible additional dates. Please keep checking periodically U2.com and Zootopia for any possible updates. Thanks!!!
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    Insert dancing banana emoji here 👇🏻
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    in Perth, there are tickets in the block that I got during the pre sale that are DOUBLE the price!! and they are only a few seats away from where I am at!
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    even if they did Discoteque it would be great. it's like they've forgotten how great that album really is. if they did MOFO or LNOE i may just jump the rail... wait I'm on tier 2 and I can't fly
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    You’ll be off to see the Thompson Twins next* *rushes off to google to see if they are still touring** **Alas no
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    Please save all and every one of the emails you have regarding this purchase, for if needed. I would go as far as to take screenshots (but that's my level of obsessiveness... your mileage may vary). There is no indication that you will have an issue, but perhaps it's better to be prepared...
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    Phew, switched to a our laptop and it finally worked for me. Got our two red zone. Thanks for the idea to start over.
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    Romans 10:11 11 The scripture says, All who have faith in him won’t be put to shame
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    Well if you’ve already seen it then you know its pretty much the same show but i would have to go back for more on night 2 for sure. Who knows how long they’ll carry on touring for.
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