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São Paulo 22 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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São Paulo 21 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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São Paulo 19 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Santiago 14 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Buenos Aires 11 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Bogotá 7 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Ciudad de México 4 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Ciudad de México 3 October #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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New Orleans 14 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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New Orleans - U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017
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Kansas City 12 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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This week The Edge has appeared in a video for UK Leading Learning disability Charity Mencap supporting our #StopSleepInCrisis Campaign 

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Indianapolis 10 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Minneapolis 8 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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 You're The Best Thing About Me Discussion Thread
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Big, big day here... The Joshua Tree is 30 years old. One of the most important albums in U2 history, and most certainly an important part of the soundtrack of our lives.

For many it was the album that made them fans of the band, or they were already fans but it helped them to convince those around that this was THE band.
What does it mean for you? How are you planning to celebrate this anniversary?

Share with the community your collection, adventures... your dreams surrounding The Joshua Tree. We want to know all about your own musical journey...

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Buffalo 5 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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You going to #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 in Buffalo?
RSVP : - U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 Community Calenda
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Detroit 3 September #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread
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Detroit - U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017
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Backstage, under the stage… offstage. Part I in our new series for subscribers.


Dallas Schoo invites us into Edgeworld - under the stage.

When the tour opened in May, the U2.com cameras began following band and fans, support artists and crew… onstage and off, backstage and under the stage.

In the first of a new series of short films for subscribers, longtime guitar tech Dallas Schoo invites us into Edgeworld - under the stage.


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We will be adding to the behind-the-scenes videos in coming weeks, please let us know what you think / what you would like to see...
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  We need this forum (thread)...So here it is !!!


  "SOE is ready to go, but I'm not sure when it's going to go," says Adam Clayton


   Credit : Atu2Dot com and Fernanda Bottini ...
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Just for you. August 30th 2017. A song of experience.

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