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    We can't fall any further if,
    we can't feel ordinary love.
    And we cannot reach any higher,
    if we can't deal with ordinary love…'


    The chorus to Ordinary Love and one of the songs that might - MIGHT - turn up in the new show.

    In fact, the word from Show Director Willie Williams is that there’s an idea to feature you all singing that chorus of the song Ordinary Love in the show, The Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

    Singing it in ordinary situations: walking the dog, on the treadmill, at the supermarket, doing the ironing, baking a cake, driving the car, in the shower…

    It’s early days and the idea might not make the cut…. but you could make the difference.

    Can you see yourself on screen at the show ? In the chorus, backing the band as they play Ordinary Love?

    If you can, here’s what you have to do (in a few easy steps) and please get it our way by MAY 1ST.


    FULL DETAILS & TO ENTER GO HERE :http://www.u2.com/news/title/ordinary-love-extraordinary-chorus

  2. See the band at Dreamforce San Francisco :


    Attention US West Coast Subscribers...

    Like to be entered in a draw with the chance to see the band perform at the Dreamforce benefit show for USCF Childrens Hospital* at the Cow Palace Arena in San Francisco?

    Will you be in the San Francisco Bay Area on Wednesday, October 5th?
    We have a limited number of pairs of tickets up for grabs if you can answer yes to all the above.






    EDIT 10.05.16: Thread title changed for the live thread. original title: See the band at Dreamforce San Francisco

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