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  1. synergy2

    GA tickets - what does the code after GA mean? (MERGED)

    Sounds like GA floor tickets to me. No hard tickets, only credit card entry.
  2. synergy2

    GA tickets easy to get?

    I got 4 for Rose Bowl. They weren't pulling up at first, and I was afraid they were sold out, but they came up after about 10 minutes. Keep trying, and use the app.
  3. synergy2

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    No luck for Rose Bowl RZ, it sold out right away. Luckily I was still able to pull 4 GA's, it took several attempts tho.
  4. synergy2

    Got Tix! Smoothest Presale Ever!

    Excellent. Thanks for the info, I'm waiting my turn for Rose Bowl RZ.
  5. synergy2

    Got Tix! Smoothest Presale Ever!

    $350 Was this the cost before or after service fee? Thanks in advance.
  6. synergy2

    Got Tix! Smoothest Presale Ever!

    How much was US Red Zone?
  7. synergy2

    Hotels in LA for the Rosebowl show

    There's a Westin and a few 5 star hotels within 2 miles from the Bowl. Most of the motels, and lower priced hotels are on Colorado Blvd about 4 miles + from the Bowl area. The Gold Line train station is about 2 miles (or so) from the Bowl, it will take you from Azusa to Downtown LA, many hotels in between.
  8. synergy2

    SINGLE GA for TONIGHT 5/26

    Single GA. Meet at the Forum. [EDIT] EDIT: Please, no email and/or phone numbers. Use instead the board's PM section. Thanks.