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  1. Maybe try that again, just in case for some reason it didn't get through
  2. http://zootopia.u2.com/announcement/41-2020-subscriber-gift-update-pending-announcement/
  3. to those asking re: show times today, we have heard doors are 4pm but that may have changed to 4.30 and band onstage at 7.30pm - but I guess that may be subject to local logistics... some of which will be unknown until encountered for first time today in these parts...
  4. So, it's not ALL German deliveries that are having the $0 issue? Is it a regional thing perhaps? (i.e. different regions of Germany showing $0 value, others showing $10?) Is it just Germany that gets hit with a $0 value follow-on inconvenience (having to go to post office to collect, surcharges etc) Is there other online threads / petitions / blogs (yet, other than this one and associated zoo threads) that pinpoint clearly a) the issue in one / 2 sentences b) the region(s) / country(s) it is still happening in c) numbers of fans it is affecting. Again, for those who I have had chats and more with on this customs charge thing in the past, I know we seem to be going over old ground, thanks for your input, patience, and persistence (=?)
  5. and, just for clarity and info, do you or any other fans from Germany have any examples (blanking out personal details) you can add here of other items this has happened with (both positive and negative, with screenshots) with German customs.
  6. OK, others have stated that is an issue, we have raised in the past - do you have a link (in English if possible) to an official page somewhere that explains what you are saying here?
  7. so, just to be clear, this is not unique to U2.com gifts, it is a German customs thing with other items also?
  8. also, for individual issues, a reminder that the thing to do is to work with the CS team via https://www.u2.com/help choose from the drop menu the heading you think applies specifically to your own issue, and keep us updated as to the outcome, thanks
  9. Anyone else in Germany have the same issue as @schisa01 ?
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