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      Apologies for Zoo being down overnight, back now BUT NOTE : ALL PRESALE QUERIES NEED TO GO TO HELP PAGE http://www.u2.com/help NO EXCEPTIONS Also PM's (personal messages) are available but only read-only until mods work through huge backlog
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      PRESALE ISSUES   11/15/2017

      Regretfully due to the number of people affected by the current presale issues, we have been directed to point people towards the help page. (http://www.u2.com/help)

      We will be unable to assist you directly as the presale issues fall out of our scope of work.


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  1. I have the silver VIP tickets for St. Louis what time should I show up to the show?


    1. u2fan1019


      I bought the red zone ticket for stl! should be a great show. 

    2. Overtheroad


      can't wait. Have the Paris IE tour blu ray. What a cool concert.


  2. Out of luck in the presale? Please tell us here

    what is the purpose of this thread?

    is the band gonna do anything about it?

    just angry with ticketmaster and live nation

    very frustrated right now. not with you just this whole experience.



  3. Just received a very odd voicemail from TM, on the voicemail it says to call 855-867-5297 if I'm still interested in tickets, I call and it goes to U2.com and of course nobody there can figure out why TM would be giving out and directing people to call there?

    The message wont voice to text but I can send it to you via text or email.




    1. romanorton


      I got a similar call!!  Not sure how they got my number!  It came through as an unknown number on my phone - I typically don't answer those numbers, but I decided to answer this one.  Bigwave - I'm happy to email you what the conversation was, for some reason my ability to email you through here has been turned off though.  

    2. bedoe69


      My message is a voicemail from an unknown number and it wont voice to text so I cant print/email it. I can forward it to another phone via message however.


  4. What is overall ticket limit. I have 2 fan club and 2 citi. I' registered as verified fan and want to purchase. 2 or 3 more. Thanks for all your hard work. 

  5. started a thread in the zoo subscribers general forum but won't let me post link here!, if you had no luck at all and presale did not work your way, please add you name in there, thanks
  6. started a thread in the zoo subscribers general forum but won't let me post link here!, if you had no luck at all and presale did not work your way, please add you name in there, thank
  7. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    started a thread in the zoo subscribers general forum but won't let me post link here!, if you had no luck at all and presale did not work your way, please add you name in there, thank
  8. very touched by all the support, I know the OP was angry, we all are about this. Yes mods volunteer a lot of our time, and also yes there are a few perks. Its always been a huge honour for me to be associated with doing something for the band I love. Mods are not angels (speaking for myself here, although I think Max & Mich just might be angelic :). I have had the most incredible year getting off my arse and following the JT around here and there. Amazing things have happened by being 'in the room' (often a big room with 50,000 others). I have also had the chance to do other things for the website and beyond, this year and in previous years. Most of that of course is top secret Some changes ahead, some stuff to post soon about the interactions and chats we mods have had /are having with each other, / other fans / other fan site leaders about recent events, will post up on the zoo boards as soon as we can. At them moment, its great these boards are here to let people have their say on the official fan forum, we hope that that can continue for a long time to come. Blessings x

    out of interest, did anyone who signed up recently to verified fan thing get these emails? We were told no marketing would be part of this thing, but it worries me that this is first signs of that...
  10. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    all we can do today is ask people to keep going back to the Help page team, sorry we cannot do more at the moment
  11. ok, so you have had your say on mod bashing. Now stop. Not a request.
  12. are we now. thanks for speaking for us. At us. No need in future. Try talking to us.
  13. Couple of points, yes some of the answers I gave (my interpretations, not there in ANY official capacity - as I stated in the podcast) - some of the facts I were given were not correct. And in fact I would go further, I was misled on some things which I relayed on that episode. for which I have asked the atu2 guys an opportunity to go back on to explain. We mods are not employees of ticketmaster, we are fans. We relay what we can, when we can. We follow guidelines and try our best to represent fans when we can, and point fans in the right direction at all times. Whilst I understand your frustration at the moment, yours and many others, I am not the enemy. Mods are not the problem. We put up with a lot of crap from all sides, and plenty of good stuff. We are not angels. We are not perfect. But we are the best you have, so don't kick us when things are going not the way you like it. We may kick back.
  14. Hello, Presale, is just insane John!!!! What can we do?? No GA´s anywhere, NY, NJ, Vegas, San José, Los Ángeles, :( this is real???

    1. jamiectone


      It sounds like GA tickets were not available for the presale.  I looked at STL, Chicago, and Nashville and nothing.  I ended up paying more than I wanted for tickets in STL.