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  1. Europe

    thats an unknown at this point, but usually is the case
  2. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    should be ok
  3. as recommended by @atu2
  4. SOE Arrival Date

    merging.. bumping.. humming 'Get out of your own way'. a little housekeeping to tidy tup the place after hectic few weeks here..
  5. SOE Arrival Date

  6. seems consensus is if you missing d/load / cd of this, hit up the CS on and they will sort
  7. Is there truth to a 2nd LA or San Jose show? I tried my Innocence code the moment sales opened for San Jose and couldn't get a GA ticket. Are they sold out to Experience code members by that point? Hope a 2nd LA or San Jose show opens--haven't missed a tour since Joshua Tree 1987 at Tarrant County w/BB King. Any chance of obtaining a better code?

  8. I have to admit I am not familiar with this terminology.. is it just in NA? New to this tour? Waitlisted?.. Our focus here is presales, but really sounds a weird procedure as you describe it.
  9. LV GA Presale Night 2 FAIL

    been a few issues with vegas, see other threads, but try again now, some saying its up again
  10. they updated the If I did not purchase any tickets in Week 1 OR I only purchased one (1) ticket, may I purchase tickets in recently added shows?Yes, you may purchase the remaining balance of your two (2) ticket maximum. (UPDATE – Philadelphia is the exception. If you purchase just 1 ticket in a single transaction your code will be marked as used, so you cannot purchase a 2nd ticket in a new transaction. Please be aware and plan to purchase accordingly.)
  11. Dear Bigwave

    I know it is probably too late to do anything about todays presale but I was also excluded from the first presale after receiving a confirmation email and then a retraction :( - I was hopeful that would get code for todays presale ( eXPERIENCE group ) but nothing so far - no email or SMS - very disappointed. I have completed set up showing on my U2 account and also have received email from Ticketmaster re verified fan set up. It has never been so difficult to get tickets for a U2 gig. By comparison the Guns and Roses recent European tour ticket sale was much easier to navigate. :)

    Thanks for keeping us updated on events.  Will have to take my chances on Monday on TM website.

    Did get the following email from U2 support team however :

    Wed 22/11/2017, 04:37
    Hi Emma,
    Sorry to hear you did not receive an SMS with a code for pre sale access. Regretfully, even though you may have completed the registration process, it is not a guarantee that you will receive a presale code. I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding.
    I hope this has resolved all of your questions, have a great day!
    Theresa Team
  12. thank you for helping us  on that presales issues ! get a mail with a code today  :)


  13. Both / either should work.