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    varied, some take up more time than they should...
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    The Yoshua Tree
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    Out Of Control
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    Murrayfield, Edinburgh, UK, Joshua Tree Tour, 1987
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    Nov 19th 2015 Belfast Botanic Gardens
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    too many to pick one
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    ain't U2 without the 4 of them...
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    Elbow, Bruce Cockburn, Led Zeppelin, The Unthanks, glorious Prefab Sprout
  1. Wish I could play harmonica as shite as that...
  2. 3-8 mins ETA (according to
  3. not sure if he posted it on here this time around, but its available on his website :
  4. If you read back I never say anything about blocking anyone else view.. or condoning it. I always try to be aware of others around me, even if they may be too into the swing of things to notice anyone else around them... I even been known to mosh.. quite recently in fact at The Alarm. My back didn't like it next morning, but it was mint. What I was trying to get across is that I, and others sometimes want to share the moment with others, scoping, photo whatever. It don't always work out, but the desire is from a good place, not with the intention of ruining it for anyone else. The opposite.
  5. have a great night Allyson & all... look forward to hearing how it all went down.