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  1. If you are new to the Zoo, welcome A place to say hi, tell us a little about yourself and wotnot..
  2. Where was U2 12/3/01-12/10/01

    nice find brad - had to edit out the bill as it had personal info / phone numbers etc,
  3. I know being discussed elsewhere, will make this a sticky for all the q&a's surrounding 2018 subs process
  4. PreSale code not working

    Checking on availability status for todays presales..
  5. Two More Shows In The US

    ticket links on are being updated here are faster ones : Omaha Uncasville :
  6. Two More Shows In The US

    I know its near presale start time, but if in any doubt, best thing is to call the Help team who can access each subscribers account and should be able to confirm whether you have a valid code or not (remember to get all responses in writing / make notes of who you speak to / times etc.)
  7. Searching through threads and working with other mods on best approach to this... in first instance, always worth contact CS through the Help page and checking orders on shop page as others have mentioned in this thread recently..
  8. as you keep saying in multiple threads, and I have had to remove at least one of your comments for being overly abusive. Please consider where and how often you post the same issue over and over..
  9. gonna start a separate thread this week for those who have not yet received so we can try to chase up - in meantime, anyone here get gift but missing / wrong contents this time?
  10. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    Blessed are the cheesemakers.
  11. GAs in Vegas.

    now live :
  12. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    good points. I know he is active on social media / at shows talking to fans at length, sometimes getting in touch directly on various things.
  13. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    I think it opened a channel... we will have to wait and see how that pans out.
  14. When should the tickets be visible?

    best send them off an email to be sure
  15. posted are never deleted. Some get hidden / reviewed, usually with a note to the person who posted with a reason (not always, for instance duplicate posts are simple hidden without need to notify). Some get merged together and a link left on each forum to the merge.
  16. Album code - Where is it

    no, it was an offer (expired now) if you purchased through a link on back in December, the retailer you chose sent a link out in January with a unique code tied to that purchase.
  17. Personally, i thought the 3 tier system was fairer too.
  18. Always keep original card, even if it has expired, thats what will get you in (get swiped at the venue) to ticketless shows.
  19. If any any doubt, call the ticket agency to explain individual circumstances, and make sure you keep all communications records (in writing if possible).
  20. Bombarded with emails

    check your email is correct in here Also, consider trying putting an alternative email in to see if that makes things work again for you
  21. ok, might be time to take a short break from the zoo, sorry you didn't get what you want, you made your point..
  22. what more can we do? I think you might want to take a break from the Zoo for a short while, as I have said a number of times now, tickets are still available. Its up to you to keep trying for them or not, so please, chill.
  23. keep trying, tickets still available