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  1. From tff on OP international customers will be able to pick up day of show. See below.
  2. Adam Clayton celebrates birth of baby girl U2 bass player announces daughter’s birth three days after Croke Park ‘Joshua Tree’ gig about an hour ago Adam Clayton (57) and his wife announced the birth of their baby in a personal advert in Tuesday’s Irish Times.”
  3. I pointed out that the wording is a bit confusing, and asked it to be updated, to confirm there are NO PRESALES for this date
  4. Anyone going to the U2Start Fan Party at The Waterhole on Friday 28th : or the U2FT Fan Party at the Grand Cafe on the 29th :
  5. thoughts and prayers to Cedric and friends and family Mary x
  6. Actually just been told there are NO PRESALES at all for this show, have asked main site to look at that wording and make it clearer...
  7. Can confirm there is NO presale. Tickets For Fun (badly named in my opinion) seem to be having one of their own presales.
  8. ok, have asked for some advice on this... will post back here when I know more
  9. You must contact them directly and tell them it is not possible for you to collect before the date you are arriving in the country - I know of at least one person who has done this and made other arrangements, but you must do it one to one with the ticket agency yourself - let us know what happens please
  10. let me double check...
  11. how do you mean charged 3 times? If that is a card / bank error you can surely claim back any overcharging?
  12. according to the article, no presales for this show will be held.