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  1. Zootopians everywhere, nice to meet @dmway & @JCF just now...
  2. bigwave

    Newark Live Thread #U2eiTour

    almost made it... flight delay meant i just missed out... sounds like it was a great night, who else was there (look forward to your review @dmway - looks like they re starting to pick up zootopian reviews as part of the show reports - nice (scroll to bottom of main report)
  3. I know being discussed elsewhere, will make this a sticky for all the q&a's surrounding 2018 subs process
  4. bigwave

    U2 Digital downloads at

    keep us updated, and if you can add links here (or via PM) that are not working, we can pass up chain, cheers
  5. glad yo have you here jdfly. whats the messy bits we might be able to tidy up?
  6. asking for a friend... best ways in and out from NYC - is it via New London train station? Local buses / taxi options/ Any help appreciated...
  7. bigwave

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    anyone there last night? how was it? going tonight?
  8. don;t buy tickets from anyone for this event they are fake. No tickets are for resale, please don't post details in the thread about ticket sales either. thanks
  9. seems to be a ga line there, at venue, according to tweets i saw earlier..