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  1. just to note that yes, the trailer is available now on youtube / yahoo movies, but that we got it first, nowhere else had it for at least an hour after it was first shown on U2.com. 

    Its also true that as soon as anything is released someone whacks it on youtube, not a lot can be done about that, and in this case it was Yahoo movies who had it up officially, about an hour or so after we got it.


    At some point, if we do get the full version of the song here, how do you think it should be done? Big announcement, or just release it to members only, no fuss? Email? Twitter? Soundcloud? Would be interesting to know how you all would prefer get the info, if, as and when it drops....

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  2. hello all.


    The reason this sub-forum was set up (by multiple request), was to be a home for all the rumours out there, news links from other sites, from fans etc, that is not official, but is being covered somewhere on the www... so while it might seem sometimes that 'we have heard all this before' etc, well thats kind of the point of it.. I think. 

    We often hear criticism that other fan sites are posting the latest gossip / photos / items of interest first, so by having this space open it means that doesn't have to be the case. I think febottini & others who post often and fast are bang up to date and accurate with links to U2-mentioned stuff out there -  and also are good at giving the credits out to the original sources of the info, which is cool.


    I will have a good look through and merge topics thats should be together though, see if it can be tightened up a bit.

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  3. the 2009 date only applies to the community pages (Zootopia), as Anjana says, that date was a move to a new platform which wiped out previous with no carry over of dates, whereas the main U2.com site will know your exact date of becoming a member and hold a record of that.

  4. I just sent my 3rd email same thing happened to me.  I never received an email to renew and didn't realize me longtime membership expired last weekend.  No response yet.  Should I just join again and hope they refund me and I get back my long time status? Called Live Nation when I realized they said I should have gotten an email ... and to send an email  - I have now sent 3 emails .... no response ...... so upset don't want to lose my status.


    Are you able to call one of the numbers at bottom of Help page? Sometimes action is quicker that way.

  5. I want to renew my paid account.  It expired this past weekend while I was on vacation.  Never recieved any renewal emails before leaving.  Please help as I want to retain my status as having been a fan club member for many, many years nhow.


    Best thing would be to send of a message via the Help page - choose Billing / membership from the drop down list. Sometimes quicker if are able to call Customer services using one of the numbers at the very bottom of that page. Lets know how you get on.

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