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  1. dave fanning kicking the u2 tunes tonight, thanks max for heads up #sexico direct link http://www.rte.ie/radio/utils/radioplayer/rteradioweb.html#!rii=1%3A%2D2%3A1554%3A21%2D11%2D2013%3A
    1. mich40


      Yay! So glad to get to hear the whole song!


    2. Anjana


      Yay!! Thank you that made my day!! Good to hear something so fresh again:D

  2. full song / lyric video now added for subscribers : http://www.u2.com/news/title/subscribers-special-ordinary-love-lyric-video
  3. get on yer slippers

  4. this is a great article, from someone who is close to them. so good I read it twice.
  5. you can do a worldwide search of participating stores here : http://www.recordstoreday.com/Home
  6. Larry Mullen Jr. born this day October 31, 1961 in Artane, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
  7. news story just gone up : http://www.u2.com/news/title/ordinary-love-on-vinyl Ordinary Love news & rumours topics all now merged into this topic thread
  8. if this news not on U2.com, then its not official. Sometimes stuff gets leaked, sometimes people speculate (and get lucky), sometimes press prints stuff they have been asked not to, who knows... So, until we see anything announced on the main page then its not official news. I am sure we will get to know something definite pretty soon though.
  9. just a note to say I swapped link to full article instead of the full article content, in the interests of fairness to @u2, & would encourage everyone to visit and read it.
  10. just to note that yes, the trailer is available now on youtube / yahoo movies, but that we got it first, nowhere else had it for at least an hour after it was first shown on U2.com. Its also true that as soon as anything is released someone whacks it on youtube, not a lot can be done about that, and in this case it was Yahoo movies who had it up officially, about an hour or so after we got it. At some point, if we do get the full version of the song here, how do you think it should be done? Big announcement, or just release it to members only, no fuss? Email? Twitter? Soundcloud? Would be interesting to know how you all would prefer get the info, if, as and when it drops....
  11. new feature for tonight, check out the U2 Chat tab (next to ZOO FAQ)

  12. commonly used in forums, the spoiler gives folk to choose whether to read upcoming news / speculation, etc...
  13. no ones getting banned dennyjnr, and mods are simply making use of the 'spoiler' feature (apologies of some posts getting temporarily hidden
  14. check your u2.com emails, something happening tomorrow Thurs 17th Oct 6.30PM EDT

    1. Anjana


      What time is that in the UK please?

    2. Carlos


      Fingers crossed and everything else!

    3. U2LAWoman


      Something good?!3:30 Hurry up!

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  15. ok, show starts in about 15 mins, just time to get the kettle on link : http://tiny.cc/fhv13w let the ad run, and watch out for popups
  16. no probs, don't want to put link up too soon in case it gets taken down, will put it up 10-15 mins before broadcast starts, an hour and twenty mins or so... stay tuned
  17. Kings of Leon on now.. http://www.cbs.com/shows/liveonletterman/artist/221736/kings-of-leon/ Bono on Late Show link coming up...
  18. Bono On Letterman will move to 'where's Bono' thread later, but will post link to watch the Late Show with Bono interview online in a bit, in the meantime Kings of Leon just did a live set, yer man in the wings no doubt, you can watch again their performance soon here : http://www.cbs.com/shows/liveonletterman/artist/221736/kings-of-leon/
  19. Bono live on Letterman a bit later... i think I have a link to watch, will test & post in forums nearer the time

  20. As requested, a mega-merge of all the latest new album rumours
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