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  1. Are you in Australia trying to get NZ tix? (might be an IP issue)
  2. those still having above issue try a new (clean) browser session and use this link https://www.ticketmaster.co.nz/promo/komwy3
  3. have asked TM to look into this as one or 2 have reported same - no option for delivery country - it also happened when I tried first time but when the basket timed out, I logged out and in again and it all worked 2nd time. Seen a couple of people saying similar,
  4. try a refresh after it times out, seems to work then
  5. try refreshing, saw that on first try, timed out, worked 2nd time
  6. As Max says, not something we know about at this moment, but if you or anyone else wants to add knowledge to help to this potential strategy, then please add below...
  7. First 2 downloads are now available to qualifying subscribers from your profile page : u2.com/profile
  8. merging this topic into the main one so admin can look into
  9. Again, if you can log all communications, PM details, then we can try to work out & hopefully help improve process (sometimes things take a bit longer than we all would like... but, that's why we are here...)
  10. Not sure I understand what you mean here - if you are saying that some people just missed out by re-subbing in recent weeks, then again, best thing is for you / them to contact the Help team giving details, and requesting to change gifts - not always possible, but as you can see in this thread, some people have been able to do that just this week.
  11. Please PM me with more details so we can escalate
  12. Reported to tech (who are investigating, and thread started in Feedback section so we can pass up details that might help solve)
  13. a few others have reported recently some media on u2.com not working for them, have started a thread in feedback so we can try to assist further http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/40329-u2com-media-player-issues-nov-2018/
  14. see previous posts in this thread, if you re-subbed recently and would rather have the new gift, try contacting again via the Help page with you circumstances, see what they say, and let us know outcome
  15. Subscriber emails going out right now on this topic - check ya inbox
  16. Ok, looks like existing subscribers can now again resubscribe early (and one full year will be added to existing expiry date).
  17. think this will be changed tomorrow, will put a note up - I actually meant to say probably WONT be shipped out before then (have changed that now) - lets hang on until we get a clarification about early subs (tomorrow)
  18. although we are checking on that (whether we will be able to renew early if we want to)
  19. Probably best to wait until; 30 days before you current subs ends as Max says, gifts probably won't be shipped out before then
  20. most subscribers were moved over to a January renewal date last year or so (given additional months etc) - but some may have fell through the net - best if he can use the contact forms on the Help page and let us know outcome
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