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  1. 11 hours ago, ballardmama said:

    I'm planning on purchasing tickets for the Seoul date so I checked out the Yes24 ticket website today.  I was looking to see if I could set up my account now in hopes of avoiding payment issues during checkout.  Purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster go more smoothly if you have an account and payment info already set up before you purchase.  I was hoping to do that on Yes24 but it only let's you set up a basic account (name and email), which I did.  

    When I've tried to purchase something on an international site in the past, sometimes Visa thinks it's a fraudulent purchase and doesn't let the purchase go through without calling them to verify it.  So I just called Visa to see if there's a way to mark my account to let them know that I'll be purchasing (hopefully) tickets on a certain date so my account doesn't get locked.  They said there's no way to do this and I'd just need to call Visa at that time if happens.  Of course by then tickets will be gone.

    Does anyone have insight in how purchasing tickets internationally on a non-Ticketmaster website like Yes24 might work?  Do the mods know if there is a way to create an account on Yes24 ahead of time so our Visa's can be verified before the sale?  I'm pretty certain that Visa won't let a ticket purchase in South Korea for several hundred dollars go through.  Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

    **I never thought I would wish for Ticketmaster**

    As Max says, not something we know about at this moment, but if you or anyone else wants to add knowledge to help to this potential strategy, then please add below...

  2. 23 hours ago, U2 Rules said:

    As you can see in my post above, we contacted support using the Help Page two weeks ago, but still have yet to hear back 😞

    bigwave, if you or anyone else can look into why the accounts for "mk_u2" and "samy_the_edge" were not extended until January... we would greatly appreciate it, as we don't know what else to do!

    merging this topic into the main one so admin can look into

  3. 36 minutes ago, pat_odwyer said:

     It's not acceptable to fail to respond to web form submissions (first one 8 days ago). It's not acceptable to wait on hold for 20 minutes on their tel line with no response.

    Again, if you can log all communications, PM details, then we can try to work out & hopefully help improve process (sometimes things take a bit longer than we all would like... but, that's why we are here...)

  4. 34 minutes ago, pat_odwyer said:

     It's not acceptable to sign members up for the 2019 pack based on certain gifts and to then change suddenly to better or new types of gifts days later. 

    Not sure I understand what you mean here - if you are saying that some people just missed out by re-subbing in recent weeks, then again, best thing is for you / them to contact the Help team giving details, and requesting to change gifts - not always possible, but as you can see in this thread, some people have been able to do that just this week.

  5. 5 hours ago, pat_odwyer said:

    Also, I have had no satisfactory responses as to why the U2 online player does not work. Contacted customer service multiple times.


    a few others have reported recently some media on u2.com not working for them, have started a thread in feedback so we can try to assist further 



  6. 3 hours ago, pat_odwyer said:

    Does anyone know why U2 left it so late to sort out this 2019 gift??


    I'm left with the crappy vinyls that were on offer last week and I can't change.


    see previous posts in this thread, if you re-subbed recently and would rather have the new gift, try contacting again via the Help page with you circumstances, see what they say, and let us know outcome

  7. Just now, dmway said:

    OK - the part I highlighted is the issue.

    My subscription doesn't expire until the end of March, but, as you pointed out, the gift will probably be sent out earlier. Being a long-time U2.com subscriber, I would want the gift as soon as it becomes available. I think all long-term subscribers feel the same way.

    Do I need to call too? We really ought to be able to re-subscribe now - there has never been an issue about this in the past. Anytime we re-subscribed early, an extra year was always just tacked on at the end of our membership date, with the gift sent as son as it became available (granted, not very quickly in the past, but the store seems to be changing its ways recently in shipping things promptly).

    think this will be changed tomorrow, will put a note up - I actually meant to say probably WONT be shipped out before then (have changed that now) - lets hang on until we get a clarification about early subs (tomorrow)

  8. 25 minutes ago, cpaxlvacy said:

    I want this subscribers gift. However when i try to renew my account i get this message:

    Your account is expiring on 06 June, 2019. You cannot renew at this time.

    Subscribers may only renew their U2.com subscription when the account is within 30 days from the expiration date.

    So, how can i solve this?

    Probably best to wait until; 30 days before you current subs ends as Max says, gifts probably won't be shipped out before then 

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