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  1. are you sure that you didn't just register for the other presale happening after the U2.com one - don;t think the 'Book' button mentioned in the u2.com original email has appeared yet - checking now
  2. Site being updated and emails should be on way soon we are told... soon as we know more we will post
  3. And an indication that more info will be sent out via email by the ticket agancy :
  4. Some VIP Floor were still available earlier, according to twitter :
  5. GA or 'VIP Floor' as this venue seems to be calling them looks really small in the seating plan from the website. Unfotunately may indeed be already fully allocated, all we can do here is suggest you keep trying up until Tuesday when U2.com presales end, some GA may pop up, fingers crossed for you.
  6. Not started shipping yet, but shouldn't be too long now I expect... soon as we hear its going out, we will do a feature on it
  7. It does state that Singapore codes are one use time only (in FAQ and on ticket agency website landing page for the presales, and this has happened in recent times in a small number of other countries (different ticketing systems / laws & rules in each country dictate what that policy will be).
  8. Codes are only issued once per tour cycle as a general rule, and one membership per person is maximum allowed
  9. Welcome to the Zoo. Meet Joe, some reading to give you a bit of an insight : http://onlineonthehorizon.com/ga-guide/
  10. Its worth sending an email in to SportsHub I reckon, making your case
  11. RED ZONE issue requiring local address has been corrected.
  12. Singapore GA line... it has started already???!!! (Just kidding - something to note for nearer time tho, thanks for info)
  13. Would leave it for now, best not confuse the situation any further any sooner than necessary
  14. Well done. If at first you don't succeed... and all that. Trying to get the Singapore only address thing fixed, but this seems good workaround for now
  15. try using a local hotel address (temporarily) - then change it later (see earlier posts where this strategy has worked)
  16. Did you manage to book any allocation of tickets (non Red Zone) on your session earlier?
  17. Can you also PM mods with screenshots & full details, so we can forward to best place
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