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  1. 2 hours ago, louloulindell said:

    So what I gather from the conversation in this thread - if I’m offered a meet and greet with U2 for $300-$750 (depending on price group, from regular to vVip), I should consider this a hoax? Today I was in fact offered this opportunity, to be held in Stockholm the last Saturday in Oct this year (2018), from a seemingly official U2 profile Instagram: ‘therealbonou2’.  When I mentioned that even the lowest price was a bit steep for me, since I’m on a prolonged sick leave with quite a reduced income, I was offered to get a ticket for $200, but then I’d have to wear a U2 t-shirt on arrival to the event (not a problem per se). That in itself gave me misgivings, so I thought I’d check here. Furthermore, seeing as U2 aren’t even playing in Stockholm on this tour, why would they have a meet&greet here? Or maybe that wouldn’t be so unusual?

    I guess you can tell that I’m a newbie here (member for about 10 months) and generally new to fandom.  I appreciate all the input anyone can give me.


    as Max says, if you can send us details via PM - this 'meet and greet' sounds most likely not a genuine offer, so take care in any details you give out about yourself.

  2. 12 hours ago, seresere said:

    Good morning everyone!

    At the moment I can say... I like both shows!

    Gloria was the surprise of the first night for me and Landlady the second. 

    I love every second of the show. MacPhisto is... terrific! :MacPhisto_01::Bananaphisto::Bananaphisto:


    The intermission is very cool!! 


    I've seen Adam leaving the building in his kimono the first night :D 

    be great if you (or anyone else here) are there tonight if you added a review at link below , so we can share :)




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  3. 2 hours ago, Johan Ypma said:

    Stuck with a lot of other people wearing U2 shirts on the A57 from Krefeld to Köln, road is closed due to a car fire. Haven’t moved one meter during the last hour. Getting a bit nervous...


    Could the moderators pass this message to the band ?

    hope you got there in time... if you did let us know the story (and review!)

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