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  1. asking for a friend... best ways in and out from NYC - is it via New London train station? Local buses / taxi options/ Any help appreciated...
  2. anyone there last night? how was it? going tonight?
  3. don;t buy tickets from anyone for this event they are fake. No tickets are for resale, please don't post details in the thread about ticket sales either. thanks
  4. seems to be a ga line there, at venue, according to tweets i saw earlier..
  5. thanks for starting the meet up / live thread http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/39452-u2-apollo-theater-meet-up-thread/
  6. looks like we have a few winners in this thread and some I have seen on twitter.. maybe that cafe might make a good spot for a fan photo or 2 and a cuppa before the winners head over to the Apollo (just around the corner by looks of it...) Worth starting a 'who wants to meet up at the angelofharlem cafe' thread for those with tickets? turn it into a live thread afterwards?
  7. bigwave

    Mods In Montreal

    The Adventures Of The Mods In Montreal... more to add
  8. Nothing to stop this from being the best day ever.
  9. First time for eXPERIENCE shows for me in Montreal. SO much to absorb its hard to process just yet. It was a punk rock and roll extravaganza theatrical blockbuster chest busting bass and drum ball kicking feast of brilliance. Thats for kickoff. Deserves to be broken down song by song, moment by moment, re-savoured through photos taken and opinions and feelings shared here in town with other fans. Over beer. More to come...
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