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  1. im happy, BAD all is good in the world
  2. Hey Max, look at my profile, take screenshot, show bosses, still showing as FREE I get no love from my former home
  3. No Go-pros, no detachable lenses. Point and shoots are ok
  4. Bajagirl

    Chegg ticket winners

    You have to be a student (with ID) and your guest also has to be a student (With ID), no exceptions You will get sopme swag at the show, and they will email you more info closer to your date. Enjoy the show
  5. Bajagirl

    RED Zone LA line

    You should have been emailed this by Ticketmaster, check your Spam folder, or your TM account
  6. Bajagirl

    2 GAs please for my son's first U2 show

    So sorry, but the GA is credit card entry only, so only the person that purchased the ticket can enter the arena. I recommend you try for seats. which can be transferred
  7. So so happy to hear Electric Co, OMG send in the clowns!