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  1. Just scored 2...you have to filter out the price to get rid of the fan to fan and get to the $70
  2. Would be,nice to split the uber and travel in,a group...
  3. Need one GA for 6/29 for myself.....Ill be going to the 6/28 show and getting back into line....need to pay face or lower (gee amazing what five shows can do to your wallet)
  4. sold at face value....pay it forward people
  5. I have an extra GA available fro 7/2. Cost is $83.72 and perhaps a beer or fruit smoothie.. Ill be at all five shows and plan on lining up very very early for this one. pm me if interested.
  6. last time at the United Center they did have a couple of portables outside....including a handicapped one which was about the size of a bedroom....as for food lots of people got delivery.
  7. from what I remember from last tour at the UC they opened one of the lots much earlier than two hours...That being said there is a parking lot about 1/2 mile away by the marriot that's about half of what the UC charges. I know other people are staying a few miles away at hotels that are close to public transportation that have free parking. Im planning on having my wife drop me off and go back to a hotel.
  8. I think GA will be super hyped this tour.....The paperless entry will make a huge difference. Less scalped tickets should make a more energetic crowd.....just wondering if anyone else has attended a concert with GA and how the crowd was....
  9. Wow....2 GA for Chicago.....there were still GA's coming up after 9 minutes which is shocking..
  10. Im trying for GA or $70 seats.....im sure ill get the spinning blue wheel of death....
  11. Got it resolved....had to make about four calls....It appears they can change the cc info at the venue the day of the show....
  12. Anyone have any experience about losing a credit card with a paperless entry....I lost the card in a public place and had it canceled and replaced with a new card and a new number. I called ticketmaster and the venue and shockingly received conflicting answers. I have the bank statement and the order receipt. This is for Chicago on 6/28. What im trying to avoid is a hiccup in the GA line...
  13. I love fancam....fun to look back and see all the people you were in line with. Its amazing how detailed the images are
  14. Ive done GA for 9 shows and some tips that come up off the top of my head.... Go to a dollar store and grab a raincoat or grab two and make a friend(glorified garbage bag. also an umbrella is a great idea... Get there as early as possible its a great environment to hang out in. Make friends with the people around you in line this will come in handy for potty/food runs Try to wear light clothing if it becomes wet it will try quicker. I usually tried to eat a bite for breakfast a big lunch and maybe a snack just before we were let in Scout out the stage set up and check the boards for the spot you want to run to... Have your credit card and ID handy... Don't bring a purse/fannypack and have as little in your pocket to avoid being searched Get a reservation at a semi crappy hotel close to the venue as its a pretty long day... Sunscreen and a hat... Be aware of people trying to jump the line about an hour to two hours before your let in Watch for tour staff, Ive gotten copies of the setlist and a pick from Dallas... After the first show when images and feedback come out it will be easier to figure out what spot to run to....last arena tour most people wanted to be inside the bomb shelter/heart/circle but the state was about 10 feet tall...For me I enjoyed being on the rail on the outside in the middle of the circle...which brings up another point...if you can get a spot on the rail its a lot more comfortable...gives you a place to rest your arms and you can grab the rail and people are usually pretty respectful... After you are let in run, run, run like the wind to the spot you want....once there try to sit down...
  15. Fighting off a bit of a cold and had some time tonight....here is what is for sales as of 2 AM CST for Chicago Date Available from Ticketmaster Available from resellers 24 11 seats 1805 25 16 seats 1026 28 222 300 level 2294 77 200 level 263 100 level 29 2000-2200 seats total 2209 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2791 total avail 4 days 7334 total available from resellers All $41 seats are sold as are all GA's Some of the 100 level seats for the 28th and 29th are the Party Package at $595... Most of the rest of the $291 seats are in the back corners It appears the resellers targeted the $30 and $70 seats (makes sense, still sucks) Cheapest resellers tickets are the formerly $41 that are going for $55 to $80 typically they are sometimes tagged as limited view
  16. Thinking about going to the Toronto shows if I can afford them after paying for the four Chicago shows and have some general questions... 1. Will there be any GA or affordable tickets available on the day of or the day before the show...trying to do this on a budget and cant afford the scalpers... 2. How long did the line form last tour and where is the best place to park. Id like to find a place to park for free. 3. Any must do touristy things if I stay an extra day? 4. Any good Pizza and or Chinese places that would deliver to the GA line? 5. How orderly was the GA line last time as far as taking a quick run to the portapotty or grabbing a bite...were people pretty friendly?
  17. Yep...GA's are fine.....the problem is they overpriced the "average" seats....$300 for the best seats are fine the problem is when they priced upper deck tickets at $300 and the next price level was $110 you have situations like the 200 level at MSG where one row is $300 and the row in back of that is $110. My guess is they should have had one more tier maybe around $150. You wonder if the overpricing may have cost them extra shows.....LA and Chicago?
  18. I think I once spent $150 for a ticket.....but its not just the ticket....its $40 for parking and $150 for a functional hotel room.....I also think a bunch of people are going to catch the shows in pairs so people decided to go for $40-$110 tickets and catch two shows...
  19. Wow I was looking at whats available for tickets and noticed there are tickets available for 17 of the 30 North American shows. I looked a little closer and most of the NY shows are down to $312 with a few $118 for 6,7,8 shows. Chicago is pretty similar. I was bored and I counted 972 seats available on the south side for seats for May 27 at the Forum....and about that if not slightly more on North side seats.....so round numbers over 2000 seats available for the ticket booth and 998 seats available from resellers....that's 3000 seats...most of the seats are the $312. On all the shows GA and the lower priced tickets are sold out....Interesting if you consider 4 arena shows equal one stadium show.....That would mean Chicago and LA haven't sold out what would be one stadium show. Im sure the shows will sell out but I have to think it will affect the stadium shows and pricing.....It appears $100-$125 or less and they can sell just about anything anymore and its a trickle...Im guessing with the results so far it will result in them sticking with prices similar to 360 instead of trying to get the premium pricing for the 2nd tier/200 level tickets. I was a little annoyed at the lack of notice given between the announcement and presale/public sale and was only able to grab one pair of GA's but it appears there will be people looking for GA "buddies" and also there are $40 and $100 tickets available on the secondary market for basically face or just a few dollars over face. It looks like some sellers are dumping tickets and trying to recover cost as they realize they are going to have to hold the tickets for four or five months to have a shot of getting more then face... Just a reminder it pays to make your reservations early....I booked the Marriott by the UC in Chicago for $150 tax included and the same room is running $230 or so tax included now....
  20. Keychain worth very little....makes a great emergency ice scrapper
  21. Chicago 3 and 4 and MSG 5 and 6 fall on a Sunday and Monday....so people can make the Sunday show without missing work more demand on Sunday helps the Monday sale. People can also take just one day off and catch both shows...The most interesting part is how slow the LA shows have been....
  22. I was a little surprised they used September 2014 for the cutoff...I wasn't a prop member but I do have a fine key chain tag....Would be nice to see some perks for long term membership.
  23. There has to be at least 2000-3000 seats left for Chicago 4...however Im guessing most of them will go tomorrow....I thought 3 would sell a little better being a Sunday and it has
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