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  1. Check your email! Time to be sure that everything is ok!
  2. Impossible to tell at this time... Let's wait and see! People the other Tour was not that long ago...
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  4. Bono left the stage with tears in his eyes...it was that emotional...I was there and I teared up too... Looking for 3 & 4 and I can't find it...These 4 shows in Montreal were a union of minds and souls...I can not say anything more...U2 can call Montreal Home because we feel they are part of who we are now!
  5. Hello from the U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour! We hope you’re as excited as we are about U2’s concert and gearing up for their most innovative and ground-breaking show yet. Please refer to the following information regarding the collection process for your (RED) Zone ticket purchase. Your (Red) Zone ticket(s) and wristband(s) will be available for collection from the (Red) Zone Check In Desk located at Centre Bell, 1275 St Antoine Street West. Check in will be open from 5.30pm the day of the show. Please ensure that you have sufficient Photo i.d., along with your booking reference number and credit card upon arrival. Doors to the show open at 6.00 PM (time subject to change). Your (Red) Zone Hosts will greet you upon arrival at the check in location and then show you where your designated (RED) Zone is located. In order to be entered for the opportunity to win a back stage tour you must arrive by 6.30pm – please note that this is subject to change due to production and back stage needs. Should you arrive after 8.00pm, you will be able to collect your tickets from Will Call. Please refer to the venue’s webpage (http://www.centrebell.ca) for parking information. I am really excited to meet you. Best wishes Emma
  6. GA's are "ticketless" so you need the credit card that you paid your ticket or tickets with and a photo i.d. at least 90 minutes before the beginning of the show at the Bell Centre. All your guests have to be with you at that moment. Then you get in the venue. More info to come! Manon
  7. To stop people who resell tickets to make profits out of tickets for fans who want to see the band all the time...you know Scalping Grinches! U2 style!
  8. There were no Red Zone tickets at 10 A.M. on the second pre-sale in Montreal for BOTH shows. The same thing happened in New York...A glitch?
  9. Try and harmonize all restrictions concerning the type of tickets (Red Zone, GAs, etc,) pre-sales and ticket agencies from around the world. Eeech!
  10. Call the venue...sorry that I can not be of much help...Verify your code...write it in capital letters...maybe it is just nerves. Hope things turn out right.
  11. Don't tell people what they can see or do...that is a lack of respect and manners... Who needs someone who owns "the truth"! When you love a group...you want more...that is human nature...with 4 shows in arenas, stadiums, etc. everyone has a shot.
  12. This is what I went through last night! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbIzYlcfwNU I am home with my #1 band and people: U2! Whatever happens! I will be there! Manon xxxx
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    Well I have Native, French and Irish roots...I am a force all in one! Wonder if George Lucas needs help...
  14. Well I'll help you if.... That would be awesome because we (I do too) love U2 so much! Just 1 fan that has been here for years hoping and hoping for once! Yes that would be amazing!
  15. I am one of the person's that do not drink at concerts and pay 400$ to be close to the stage and give to RED....I could buy VIP and get the so so tickets in the stands...why would I...the seats are not that good. I can not participate in the pre-sales either because I have used my code for 2 tickets. I am not happy for myself and a lot of fans. I know that the majority of tickets are not going to be in the fans' hands, but in the scalpers hands later today. But Anici_2 this has to change and it is up to us now. If we do not get to use our pre-sale code let's talk the talk walk the walk.
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