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    I agree. 2 more shows added in Montreal. I have 4 members in my family. Do we all have to join U2.com to get tickets? I guess we'll flip a coin to see who gets to go. Or. Maybe U2 management will come to their senses and allow U2.com members to buy more than just two tickets.

    Unfortunately Platts, don't count on it :( presales start tomorrow & no new developments on that end... sucks the Big One...


    It does not make sense we could of bought 1 ticket for each show...I do not understand...we always bought 4 tickets...now 2 tickets that's it...I am so sad...


    Especially for MSG, which will give you paper tickets.


    Not sure if you're in MTL Jeff, but just as an fyi, my 8 general sale tix are paper, mailed to my home adress... I think in MTL it was only GA floors that were paperless (I got 2 GA floors from pre-sale & these are paperless), so here in MTL I'm sure there are/will be a gazillion scalper tickets out there.... 


    Well I am not buying from scalpers...it is my decision. Scalpers are the ones making these pre-sales nightmarish! I hate them!  :angry:

  3. I know.With 4 shows in the city,they should allow subscribers to buy another 2 tickets in the presale.


    We pay membership and get 2 presale tickets for 4 shows.


    More for the scalpers !




    I'm really not a complaining type, but with 2 more shows added in my city Montreal, being a paid member has NOT given me another chance to use my previously used pre-sale code for these new shows..... a total of 2 pre-sale tickets allowed for 4 shows?!?! That's a half ticket per show :( (yes I'm being sarcastic)... C'mon U2 Guys, you can do better than that?!?!

    What do other members think, c'mon people, Viva la Revolutionne!! ;)

    There are still people who haven't used their pre-sale code yet.... They should be able to get to go first...
    ^^ agree.

    As much as I'd love to get another code for this leg, I'd like others to be able to have a chance to get the tickets they want as well.


    Both can be done...there are enough tickets!  :)

  5. easiest ticket purchase ever!  It allowed me in the 'waiting room' and filled out all info about 15 minutes ahead of time, at 10 it refreshed, picked two and done.

    That's Evenko...they are the best! So happy for you!

  6. I'm trying to go to sleep and two phrases keep going through my head...


    "Twas the night before pre-sale..."

    and "while visions of presale codes danced through their heads"...


    I'm so delirious I'm making myself lol.


    Good night!

    Good night!

  7. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v638/mababe12/endofalbum.jpg


    That's a crisis.



    U2 wants an album that will hold up to: the fans standards, their standards and to the Music Industry standards...did any of you have that kind of pressure? No. We are adults! Than suck it up and deal with it!


    I, for one, will never let them down because they have never let me down!


    I stand up with the knowledge that the next album will be a great one and I don't care when it will be out or when the Tour starts!



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