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    Jesus Christ is my Lord & Savior, I love The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit, sleeping, painting, my cats, MetallicA \m/^_^\m/ I also love cacti >=:)
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    Achtung Baby & *POP*
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    The Fly
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    360 GA last show of 2010
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    MetallicA, Joe Satriani, ELVIS, Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Roxette
  1. Your U2 Spotify Playlist

    what's a digitized record player?
  2. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    I respectfully disagree with you. God does not call people to alter his word so that it is more palatable to people. The Message will not help anyone to understand God's plan for salvation through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the sin of the world. U2 & Eugene Petersen are telling you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. I'm afraid your perspective is not Biblical. the King James Version of the Bible is the closest word for word translation of the original texts. The Message is just a mess and Eugene Petersen is making alot of money out of creating his own version of the Bible.
  3. great poster, they have a different poster for every gig. looks like Cthulu is in this one. the only thing I don't like about MetallicA's new stage is that it's quite small. if you aren't on the rail in GA or have a great seat they will look tiny. I'd rather them get rid of the drones (though they do look cool) and have the usual screens with footage of them.
  4. I am a Republican

  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    the airport album is shite. SOE is brilliant compared to it.
  6. MetallicA. a band that stuck together through the loss of a friend & band mate Cliff Burton RIP (1962-1986) a band that Bono acknowledges are way better than U2 in everyway "it was the f*cking Cow Palace!" you tell him Larry.
  7. Summer of love

    YTBTAM should of been followed up by 'The Little Things That Give You Away' < the best song on the album. like you I love 'Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It's Way' it really soars Summer Of Love has grown on me which is good as I like to skip tracks 4 & 5.
  8. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I thought he sounded good at the half time he did but I know what you mean. his voice is raspy now, songs like Hey Jude where he needs to do those fantastic screams he did. that's what I think has affected his voice. wtf is wrong with the Super Bowl? they have never had MetallicA perform at halftime. they are an American band. a couple of years ago they did a gig in California called 'Too Heavy For Halftime' and it was on the same time as the super bowl. too heavy for halftime
  9. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Paul McCartney did a great halftime. I'm not into American Gridiron, but I like the halftime when the music act is good. MetallicA have never done a halftime, what a joke.
  10. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    *goes to look apropos up in the dictionary*
  11. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    Larry must be thinking, 'I know I've played this sh*t before' and you're most welcome for the thread
  12. I am a Republican

    what the? do you know how broad a brush that is? so if I say to someone in a conversation, "I'm not a racist" than more than likely I am?
  13. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    I'm on the West Coast of Oz, nowhere near Middle Earth. the only country I would like to visit is NZ... if I was on the East coast it could be a goer?? I'd take every LOTR/Hobbit tour there is!
  14. How about some Pop on next Tour guys!

    the big four on *POP* are MOFO, LNOE, GONE & PLEASE < some people may not agree with that but imo those are the best songs on the album. any of those 4 would be great... wait, there are no Aussie dates, why should I even give a sh*t?
  15. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    if you look at my original post I didn't even mention the Beatitudes part. I was talking about the structure of the song, that it's similar to Beautiful Day. that it's as weak song. I think @yardie brought up B-Man's Beatitudes? *scrolls up to look*... yep, it was yardie who brought that up. I blame you man! what do you have to say for yourself ya Irish bastard? I didn't think of that part as part of GOOYOW but for 'American Soul'... even though part of it is at the end of GOOYOW. oh and I found some lyrics in GOOYOW that I actually like... yes, you read that right. no, you are not hallucinating. these are the lyrics I like. "the slaves are looking for someone to lead them, the Master's looking for someone to need him" < now that's from memory, I didn't cut and paste that so if I'm not 100% on the lyrics that's why. I don't have any sheep nearby, what do you think I am a New Zealander? I got 3 cats that insist on leaving their fur everywhere, I'll gather that up and send it to you via emu... wait, they don't fly. no that won't work.