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  1. there's no hype for Perth. I posted about it months ago and to quote The Beatles got 'No Reply'
  2. I would've liked Acrobat, that's one change I'd make for myself
  3. I love it that they are all new songs!
  4. my tickets for Perth arrived in the mail today!
  5. yeah, there are some box seats in that area but to not allow fans to access a big area like that seems a shame 😕
  6. it just reminds me of what happened during the Popmart tour here in Perth. when a whole bunch of tickets were held over for $300 each by Burswood Casino which is now Crown. I ended up buying one of those tickets not knowing where I'd be seated on the floor.
  7. @Max Tsukino & @mich40 I was wondering if you two had any idea what happened with these seats in Perth. the area I put red arrows at. those seats didn't come up for offer for some reason?? maybe they were VIP? the reason I ask is because those were the blocks I was hoping for as they are on tier 2 and I thought they might be $270 🤔 hmmm
  8. most seats in Perth I think have sold. most blocks only have 2-4 seats in them and some a by themselves. edit: having looked again, there are a few seats available but the tickets that cost $198 seem to have pretty much gone. it's the more expensive ones that are available.
  9. in Perth, there are tickets in the block that I got during the pre sale that are DOUBLE the price!! and they are only a few seats away from where I am at!
  10. I can't afford to go to a 2nd show. I bought the $270 ticket and I bought a $190 to see MetallicA. both concerts are seats.
  11. 50 isn't old. ever thought of watching the show from a seat? I got seats for Perth in the pre-sale. it was unfortunate that I couldn't choose what block I wanted but it's better than what the general sale is offering me. you are in NZ. so you will be flying to Sydney for 2 shows, you are a U2 nut! < I mean that as a compliment. I'm on a limited income so I can't fly overseas or interstate for a show. even if they announce a 2nd Perth date, I can't afford to go.
  12. how many shows are you going to? you going to Middle Earth? 😎
  13. oh man I forgot they went on sale today. I'll have to see how Perth's selling BRB. edit: it says they aren't on sale for another 6 minutes 🤔 2nd edit: so glad I went with what the fan pre-sale had to offer. Ticketmaster is only offering me 2 blocks in the 3rd tier for the same price 🤔
  14. even if they did Discoteque it would be great. it's like they've forgotten how great that album really is. if they did MOFO or LNOE i may just jump the rail... wait I'm on tier 2 and I can't fly
  15. I don't know if 13 is going to fit in with TJT tour 🤔 TJT album takes up half the set list, is there room for 13?... I can't see it and for me I'd rather hear 'The Little Things That Give You Away' if we are going with something from E&I. and from I&E I'd like to hear Cedarwood Road, just a rocking song. anything that makes Edge stand out without the delay thing going on is great.
  16. I think it's because you are in Melbourne that you may of missed out, same with Sydney. more people in the city, you have what, over 4 million people in Melbourne? you did well getting GA, that's a great price and I think the show will look great from where ever you are.... as long as someone isn't holding a phone up for half the show. If you were going for Perth tickets I'm sure you would've got Red Zone, pretty sure there aren't too many Red Hill WA people.
  17. me neither. they are probably being held for public sale?
  18. surely Ticketek or Ticketmaster can change this for you? ask to speak to a supervisor or someone who can actually help. the shows are 5 months away after all.
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