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  1. Mumbai - Let’s Rock The House! One final show in 2019 - and it’s in Mumbai as the band take The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 to India. The show, at DY Patil Stadium on Sunday, December 15, promises to be a huge celebration - not only the band’s first ever performance in India but the final date on The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. "Mumbai is the perfect city to end our JT 2019 tour, " says Larry Mullen. "Very excited to see you there." "We’re much looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai, India," adds Adam Clayton. "A country famous for its rich culture of art, music, movies, theatre, literature, food and so much more. There is a lot of excitement in the U2 camp." https://www.u2.com/news/title/live-in-mumbai
  2. yup... that they will have any effect is something else entirely...
  3. I have no real idea how zootopia works so I normally avoid it like the plague. I came to look saw you were online and decided I would ask if you knew anything about a DVD of the Joshua tree anniversary tour being released. I am desperate for a proper copy. Maybe this has been discussed already. If you know anything could you please help. maybe I will see your answer maybe not. Technophobe, who me?

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      At this moment there is no indication about any official release for a Joshua Tree 30 Anniversary tour DVD, Blu-ray and/or digital video...

      If/when there's some news about it, be sure it will be posted on the site, U2 official social media and here in Zootopia... I recommend you to periodically check the site and the board for any update about the band and any upcoming releases...

      If you have any question about how the board works, do not hesitate to contact us in the moderation team... is not the plague, honest =D ...

    2. tulips


      Thanks for the help.

  4. Please check the emails you received when you subscribed/resubscribed... one of those has the discount code...
  5. THE PRESALE FOR MANILA HAS ENDED. At this moment there are no other shows/presales scheduled. If there's an update, it will be posted on the main site and in Zootopia. Please continue the discussion on the appropriate board in The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 Zootopia section. IMPORTANT: Please do not post any message selling, trading or seeking tickets for any show. At the moment a specific section for ticket trades/sales is being evaluated, so we ask you to wait until further notice. Please check the main site and Zootopia for any tour update. Thanks.
  6. if possible, try to call the U2.com customer service (phone numbers on the HELP page)... email or the form may take a bit more time than calling them, but it may involve a very expensive LD phone call...
  7. Please give more details: did you used the code before this presale? is it a new code? in any case... try clearing cache and cookies from your browser and try again. If it doesn't work, keep contacting the SM tickets customer service...
  8. Please contact the SM customer service and explain to them what happened... SM Tickets Email: customercare@smtickets.com Phone: +632-470-2222
  9. restart the browser and/or check your connection... it's working now...
  10. just checked with my code - previously used as well... the system allowed me to purchase (I made to the CC input part). Please recheck your code...
  11. As mentioned in the FAQ and the email sent, the code is valid for up to 4 tickets in one transaction...
  12. THE PRESALE FOR MANILA - WIRES GROUP HAS STARTED. IMPORTANT: Please remember: Your code can be used to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for the show in Manila in a single transaction.. IMPORTANT: Please remember to use the link on the TOURS page. Thanks..
  13. THE PRESALE FOR MANILA - RED HILL GROUP HAS STARTED. IMPORTANT: Please remember: Your code can be used to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for the show in Manila in a single transaction.
  14. according to their FAQ section: but perhaps it's a good idea to contact them, either via social media or the customer service email/phone to get details about the procedure...
  15. Yes, you do... From the FAQ on the HELP page (https://www.u2.com/help😞
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