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  1. Max Tsukino

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    No information at the moment, I'm afraid... please be patient and keep checking periodically the site and Zootopia... as soon as there's information available be sure it will be posted...
  2. Max Tsukino

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    please contact immediately the authorities...
  3. Max Tsukino

    Australian Tour 2019 [TOPICS MERGED]

    Please wait... first for any official confirmation about a tour. Once/If this happens, please wait for official information about how it will work...
  4. Max Tsukino

    Australian Tour 2019 [TOPICS MERGED]

    Please do not make this (or any other rumors) a contest about X,Y or Z... if/when there's something firm and concrete you will find all the official information on the main site. Please do not make any plans until there is official information... thanks
  5. Hi guy!

    HAve you got news about Bono's health?

  6. Max Tsukino

    The Bono Birthday Thread!! [MERGED THREADS]

    Happy Bonofest...
  7. Max Tsukino

    Australian Tour 2019 [TOPICS MERGED]

    If/when there is something official to announce you will find it on the news section of the official site (meaning, the official social media band accounts and here in Zootopia. Please do not plan anything before any official announcement...
  8. Max Tsukino

    Australian Tour 2019 [TOPICS MERGED]

    As of right now, there isn't any tour or tour announcement expected. If/When there is one, please wait for official news - it will be published on the main site, on u2 official social media and here in Zootopia. Please do not make plans based on rumors... Thanks.
  9. Max Tsukino

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    f you subscribed - or resubscribed - to and selected "iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Live, 2015 & 2018" gift, all four of the following tracks are now waiting for you to download. When you're signed in, click Account Info on the tab at the top right of the page to find: - Love Is Bigger than Anything In Its Way (Live from Mohegan Sun 3 July 2018) - Lights of Home (Live from Copenhagen 30 September 2018) - The Little Things That Give You Away (Live from Rome 15 July 2017) - Song For Someone (Live from Boston 14 July 2015)
  10. Max Tsukino

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    Could you please try again? delete cookies and cache before doing it, please... and if possible, consider trying again using other browser... I just checked and the download is 42.4 Mb... Please let us know if the issue persists...
  11. Max Tsukino

    MacPhisto fansite

    A request: Discuss anything at leisure... but please remember that links to non-official downloads can't be posted... carry on...
  12. Max Tsukino


    We are sorry you did not have the experience you had hoped for. RedZone had coordinators for all shows and the advisable action would be to contact them at the first sight of trouble. This situation is outside our responsibility in Zootopia and we do not have access to those people. However, we know that tickets were nonrefundable, so a refund is not likely. There's one thing that we can answer: there have never been seats on any (RED) Zone... it always has been standing, just like GA. Also, remember that the money you spend on those tickets went to the (RED) organization.
  13. Max Tsukino

    Japanese Shows?

    Announcement times: in a nutshell: It takes the time it takes... There could be some information floating around the fan community (as well as many rumors and speculation).. but it is a different situation if you are talking "behind the stage" (so to speak)... it's a big operation and there are many things involved, in a way that everything has to be tight before making it public - this takes time... If there is a tour to be announced, be sure it will be published as soon as everything is ready... no other option but to have patience... News relevance or lack of it: duly noted, but also take into account that it's your personal opinion about them... Fan Club CD and Tracks: a bit about the same situation on the time to announce things... it would be great for us if everything could be released immediately, but this can't be possible... again, patience...
  14. Max Tsukino

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    When there is something to announce - either more tracks to download or the gift release date - be sure it will be announced on the site's main page, U2 official social media accounts and here... no other option but to have patience and to keep checking periodically site/zoo/official social media...
  15. Max Tsukino

    2019 Live Album

    I'm afraid there's no other option but to be patient and keep checking periodically the site, U2 official social media accounts and Zootopia... once there is a date, this information will be published... meanwhile... zen and patience...