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  1. No Toronto Shows

    As of now, there is no official indication that there will be more dates added other than this current US/CA leg and the upcoming European leg... You will need to decide, based on the current information, what to do and where to go...
  2. Where is the thread to trade tix?

    We are working on the guidelines for sales/trades.... hopefully it will be all set soon... stay tuned...
  3. try this, please...
  4. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    all is easy, good sir... merely pointing there because explaining what these things do is a bit on the long side... but you will find them useful... 41, 746...
  5. gotcha... it certainly sucks that you weren't successful...
  6. codes are personal and non-transferable... also, remember that the tickets sales and code use is audited. While being nice is great, you could risk tickets and/or account canceled...
  7. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    Virtual Private Network... for what to do with these, Google is your friend... 41,741...
  8. Hi Max can you help with the problems some of us are encountering with AXS for Vegas on 12 May. Are AXS not accepting credit cards from outside the US/Canada. 

    Hope you can help.



    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      You will need to contact either customer service here or AXS customer service...

    2. Carlos


      Thanks and I have contacted both AXS and the TMobile Arena Las Vegas.  Contacted previously and they were not much help.

  9. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    could you please send me a PM with the link? I need to verify it but for what you describe that code is not for these presales, but the European presale - which will start at a future date...
  10. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    To enter the verified sale you needed to be registered here: unfortunately, the window to be verified has ended...
  11. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Where did you purchased the code?
  12. Guide for navigating and using this zootopia

    comments about the new album are mostly posted here --->
  13. Where is the thread to trade tix?

    There is a section planned for sales and trades, with some guidelines... please wait until the presale process end before making offers... Thanks...
  14. Ticket purchase limits

    the general rule with presale tickets + general tickets has always been 4 tickets total... I would recommend not risking a possible cancellation by buying more than 4 total...
  15. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Right now there is no information about how the EU presale process will work, or when it will start... for the moment it's not known if part of the process for the EU presale will be to connect your UK account... Maybe you can leave it as is for the duration of the US/CA presale period, and once it ends disconnect it...