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  1. Anyone experiencing long delays in credit card  processing for Seoul ? I got tickets over 2 hours ago I’m still stuck on page before giving card details,I’m thinking of giving up,any advice pls 

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    2. Foleysgent1


      Ok will try thanks 

    3. Foleysgent1


      Hi Max still stuck on page before putting credit card details in 

    4. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      [For future questions, please ask on the threads, not on the status. Thanks]

      Are you using internet explorer on Windows? (alternatively, please use Edge or Firefox. It can be done in Chrome, but not recommended).

      Delete cookies and cache before trying again; or

      Use another computer, if possible; or

      Use another credit card, if possible.

      If there's an update on this, please do it in the threads, not here. Thanks.

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