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  1. 2017 gift

    Yes... in your profile you should have something like this: Please log off from your account and delete cookies/cache. Log back in and recheck your profile to see if the download option appears...
  2. we are in the group of people who haven't received it (in my personal case, the issue doubles as in this country, the postal service is slower than molasses)...
  3. We have and the U2comteam is aware of this and any other issue that is being raised on the board...
  4. I am a Republican

    you can remove text from a quoted post if needed (as I just did)... just choose the appropriate part and hit DEL on your keyboard (exactly like I did it for this post)... If you need to quote another part of the original text, choose the relevant part with your mouse, a tiny QUOTE THIS pop-up appears. Click it and it automagically goes to the writing post window... also, you can select the text in question, copy/paste into the writing post window and then select the Quote Icon... which put the text in a quote window but without attribution... Hope this is useful... no need to answer it, carry on with the topic in question...
  5. Album code - Where is it

    The name of the album presale is "retailers presale"... it's how you will find it in different places. You were able to buy the album in certain places and by doing it you get the presale code... That presale code was sent via email when the EU/UK started...
  6. Album code - Where is it

    codes for the retailers presale (from buying the album) were sent via email...
  7. Album code - Where is it

    If you are eligible for a retailers presale code you should receive an email with the code...
  8. Dublin eXPERIENCE pre-sale - TM says 10am, says 9am...

    customer support service ---> (855) 867-5297 (inside the US) | +1(949) 333-4820 (outside the US)
  9. We are here trying to do our best to help everyone... This is not our responsibility - if you feel you were treated poorly, please call the customer support service [(855) 867-5297 (inside the US) | +1(949) 333-4820 (outside the US)]
  10. Dublin eXPERIENCE pre-sale - TM says 10am, says 9am...

    could you try using the mobile site or the TM app?
  11. Please call the customer support service [(855) 867-5297 (inside the US) | +1(949) 333-4820 (outside the US)] and explain the issue...
  12. Dublin Innocence presale... ?