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  1. there is a red carpet, it seems... (but it would be better if it is a (RED) carpet)
  2. Unknown at the moment... there were mentions it would be, but nothing official. We will need to wait...
  3. assume is Amul's mascot... ETA: it is: the Utterly Butterly Girl ... http://www.amuldairy.com/index.php/the-organization/butter-girl that illustration also solves the pressing question: "how would they look if someone makes a "Baby U2" saturday morning cartoon show, btw... =P
  4. as explained before, we always use the official times as stated on the ticketing agencies and/or venue sites... that time is what they have on the bookmyshow site at the time of opening the live thread...
  5. Toma nota de que no son enviados todos de golpe, sino por partes (como referencia, en Latinoamérica aún no ha llegado) Si aun así consideras que ya es momento de presentar algún reclamo, por favor ve a la sección HELP (https://www.u2.com/help) y llena el formulario CONTACT US.
  6. terribly sorry... but as Bigwave mentioned before we are keep notes on this situation... for future reference, probably factor on the resubscription equation not only the gift but also the presale seniority aspect...
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