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  1. And Beautiful Day, WOWY. Some are overplayed (One, Pride, WOWY), some just aren't played very well any more (Elevation, Beautiful Day) so they all lose the effect they used to have. I wouldn't mind they were interchanged with other songs during shows. So they're more rarer now....
  2. Kristaps

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    Doesn't mean anything. Every artist says that every time.
  3. Kristaps

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    What have done all the fans from the countries where U2 have never been to? Why do I have to travel abroad every single time I want to see U2 live? Sometimes they come to Scotland, sometime they don't.
  4. Kristaps

    Beat This Setlist

    Ew! Gross!
  5. But they have gone on sale?
  6. Kristaps

    legalised touting

    U2 and their management should prohibit resale of tickets.
  7. I have a subscription - Experience. And my girlfriend bought one for herself too - Innocence. We used both pre-sale codes under my TicketMaster NL account and under my credit card.
  8. Kristaps


    Yeah, depends on airlines - 6-9 months seems to be the norm. Also, look into sites like Google Flights or ITA Matrix. While you can't buy tickets from them directly, they are great search services to find cheaper tickets without having to go thru each airline site.
  9. Keep trying. From experience, even in general sale tickets can pop-up again. I scored 4 GAs in general sale for I+E tour an hour after a show had "sold out". Don't lose hope.
  10. They're available for Amsterdam shows.
  11. I'll have to disagree. As someone who hasn't let their subscription lapse for 10+ years without missing a day, who was a subscriber on the previous site version from Vertigo tour days, I think that the moment you let is lapse, you lose your seniority. There really isn't a change for this tour compared to I+E and TJT tours. Anyone who was a paid member at a certain cut-off date was put in the first presale group; anyone who joined after - 2nd group. It was really similar to the current model even during 360 tour. Anyone who was a paid member at a certain cut-off date was in first presale group, and anyone who resubbed/joined after were put in newer groups. The only difference was that there were more groups for recent joiners/resubscribers... something like 3 or 4 groups in total: oldest members, people who joined after tour was announce, people who joined when tickets went on sale. So really, for the last several tours it been the same model. What I would like them to have is more recognition to subscribers who are paying members tour or no tour, non stop. As an example, introduce another pre-sale tier for people, say, who have been subscribed since the last tour (and maybe include an extra ticket or two ;-) ). It would be a nice way for the band and management to show appreciation.
  12. Kristaps

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I got my U2 tickets. Woop woop!
  13. Kristaps

    Bono, I will never forgive you....

    BOOM! Cha!
  14. Kristaps

    Bono, I will never forgive you....

    I don't know how to play any instrument except air-guitar. And I'm not a girl. And I don't dance. It's not fair to people like me who have definite and absolute 0 chance of getting onto stage with the band. Unless I jump the rail and barge onto stage uninvited. NOT FAIR! It's unaccountable from U2 to ignore fans like me.
  15. Kristaps

    Thanks mods

    I work at an IT service-desk and get the same computer-illiterate people calling every day about the same problems. They don't remember their password from 15 minutes ago, they don't know where Start is, they don't know how to made text bold in Word, they don't know how to do IT stuff that's mandatory for their work, they don't know how to read. While most are nice people, it's very frustrating and boring to explain the same trivial thing over and over again, while I could be more useful helping people with actual IT problems. But none of that comes remotely close to the frustration I get when reading the same questions, the same posts about the stuff that's clearly explained in FAQs. If I were a mod, I'd last about 2 days until I told someone to f*** off and s**** a d**** c****. So yeah, good job mods! You are truly extraordinary!