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  1. I think that Ticketmaster dropped the ticket prices today. The same tickets that yesterday costed $100, today are listed at $70 and the tickets that costed $290 today are listed at $165. The other price levels didn't suffer any change.
  2. Thoughts on the rumor that Mysterious Ways will be on setlist instead of Ultraviolet? I think it is ok, for one night only. It seems this would be because today is The Edge wedding anniversary.
  3. So, just like in Tampa Bay it seems that we will have few mixlr and periscopes
  4. ¡Mucho éxito a todos! Que puedan comprar de los boletos que anden buscando.
  5. Hahaha I had the same concerns the first time I did a GA line. The GA line queue itself is a great experience by itself. The fans that queue are great, nice and very respectful. You will feel surrounded by friends even if you don't know them. You can leave the queue for some time, but not too much. You will not have to worry for your spot if you are going to the restroom or to buy food. I strongly recommend reading Joe Ahorro's GA Guide, it is great and very useful.
  6. De hecho en México en esta ocasión pasó algo muy curioso y los boletos más demandados fueron los de grada. Me imagino que el precio de los de pista alejó a muchos de comprar en esa zona. Me parece que para la segunda fecha será lo mismo, sobretodo con los boletos de menos de $2,000 pesos.
  7. Seems like Mexico is sold out already. No GA, no seats available.
  8. Of course!! Planning is also part of the trip and creates great expectation!
  9. Nice! See you all over there!
  10. SD HERE WE GO!!!!!!! So excited!
  11. Thanks! Hope to see you all in SD!
  12. Thanks!!! 2 hours and a half to go!
  13. Ready for tomorrow? I didn't have code for this presale because I used to buy 4 tickets to the Rose Bowl concerts. My girlfriend, friends and I had a great time and enjoy the shows. Actually, LA1 was one of the best I've been... in the middle of the concert I asked my girlfriend to marry me (she said yes haha)!! Now we are looking to buy two $35 tickets because we are saving money for the wedding. It would be our last U2 concert as singles hahaha! Hope I can find tickets. Send good vibes!
  14. Amigo, checa el Twitter de @bethandbono, ella acaba de ir al Red Zone en Pittsburgh y ha publicado tuits con su experiencia. Éxito y bienvenido a México. Pura vida!
  15. Mejor en español no? Jajaja. Tienes razón y quizá sea un error. Lo mismo vi en la página de TM en USA, específicamente para el concierto de Indianapolis. GA y Red Zone tenían el mismo precio pero al momento de seleccionar Red Zone, cambiaba a $350 USD.