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  1. LA4 was one of the best U2 concerts I've ever been!!! My all time favorite song: ALL I WANT IS YOU. Plus the close song ever: 40.
  2. Got numbers since last night. 7 AM renumbering, we are 101 and 102! Waiting for The Forum to start giving wristbands at 9 AM. Great way to spend a Sunday!!!
  3. I've been arguing with TM and The Forum for at least 10 days and they told me that the can't do anything because there are no more tickets available with that price range. I am really mad with TM, The Forum and Live Nation about this.
  4. Interesting change.. I am going to LA3 & LA4. I would still wait to see how the GA line is going to be today but even with this change I am still planning to arrive 11am-12pm, I think you could get wristband even if you arrive at that time. What do you think?
  5. GA DROP right now for tonight show!!! No kidding. Being refreshing since 40 minutes ago and they still appear as available. Good luck!!!
  6. Does anyone knows how many people are in GA line already? I know that Beth reported that there were probably 20 by 4pm.
  7. Awesome news the GA ticket drop! Good to know that it is happening. I have GA tickets for LA 4, looking for a pair for LA 3; I have seat tickets for that concert but really want to do GA.
  8. thanks Chori, good find Anytime! Glad to contribute and help other U2 fans.
  9. Here is the official GA policy for all the LA shows:
  10. I think maybe you are talking about the shirts. Look in their website.
  11. Wow!!! This would be great if true!!!!
  12. Yesterday and today I found GA tickets for tonight show in PHX, I started the buying process only to feel the nervousness and excitement generated by finding GA tickets LOL!!
  13. You should check ay ticketmaster next week. Every venue have released some GA tickets one or two days before the show.
  14. I think one in Vancouver and one or two in San Jose were like that. It's an approximate I would not bother if the line is 150-200 (that's 75-100 per side).
  15. You can still find tickets directly on Ticketmaster. I just checked in the morning.