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  1. I can imagine how it would be to hear Larry doing the drum-solo intro to the rocking "I Threw A Brick Through A Window". Gotta love the Red Rocks version.
  2. I always thought the Red Zone area would be located the closest to the main stage so I bought 2 pre-sale tickets on the opposite side of that section only to later find out that my tickets are located behind the stage . L.A. 3rd show Section 123
  3. It seems anything close to dead center of the arena would be a good seat.
  4. Thank you Party Girl / Boy for your informative post. Anybody got rear/side stage seats for L.A.? I am one of the many who were confused with the stage setting. I thought the Red Zone section would be near the main stage as U2 has done in the past 3 tours so I used my pre-sale code to get tickets seats away from the Red Zone hoping I would get a panoramic view of the stage. I am just finding out I may be seating behind the stage. Section 123
  5. Last tour there was a section in the forum where people would sell FACE VALUE, exchange their tickets, or request them. Will there be one this time around as I can't find it? That's how I was able to see U2 in Ireland and Greece on the 360 Tour thanks to other members who had a ticket for me.
  6. Darn it! I got seats at section 123 at the Forum for one of the Los Angeles shows and I was assuming I would have a front view of the stage.
  7. Tried once and on my way to the checkout a message read that those tickets were not available anymore. I thought they would hold/secure the tickets while people enter their payment information. I tried twice with no luck. On my third try I got 2 tickets in a better spot than the previous ones and was able to buy them. Whew!
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