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  1. Chris Mott

    LV GA Presale Night 2 FAIL

    Yep. I struck out again. I am not sure how many GA tix are being made available for U2 fan club presales but into enough. I sure hope I don't hear about Citi presales coming up successful again.
  2. Chris Mott

    General Sales WITHOUT CODES this morning?

    That would explain why I am getting the error for Nashville. I am sorry...this band is either directly scamming or is complicit in letting TM pull this. Larry can tell me to screw off in his next "apology" letter about ticket debacles. They can't play naive like they did in 2005 anymore.
  3. Chris Mott

    General Sales WITHOUT CODES this morning?

    HaHa! One minute into general on sale and getting error messages on TM site. This has got to be by far the worst ticketing experience EVER!
  4. Chris Mott

    Problems with General Sale

    struck out for GA for Nashville, Vegas and LA. Not sure there ever really were GA available after the experience presale and even that group was largely left out in the cold. Hope U2 enjoys having arena's filled with wealthy folks who know the words to about three songs. They won't be achieving "liftoff" with those crowds. Always a bad PR move to ice out your core fan base.
  5. For a band that likes to position themselves as "in it for the unfortunate," these lads sure do like their money. Been a longtime fan who always appreciated the humanity of U2 even if I didn't always agree with the politics. After 24 U2 shows, I will officially call my Nashville (in the upper level with obstructed view) my last show. These guys have officially went too far and are in serious danger of looking flat out hypocritical.
  6. Chris Mott

    Tickets prices

    Well...I am sad to say that this tour may be my swan song for live U2 shows. I have been to multiple shows on every tour since Zoo TV and came to a crushing reality yesterday. I am 40 years old and have spent thousands of dollars traveling to see this band play and I just can no longer line the pockets of a band that seems to becoming disconnected from its fans and reality. I, like so many, was rather upset not to get GA. However, I sucked it up and used my code on a pair of upper level seats in Nashville. However, as soon as I bought them, I had a feeling I have never had when buying U2 tickets. Excitement was replaced with regret and buyers remorse. Its bad enough to have been a fan for this long and not get the seats you want but then to actually feel ripped off for getting any seat is a sign my time with U2 has come to an end. I should feel thankful that I even got tickets given that so many were left in the cold and did not even get tickets. This who process has taken the joy out of what once felt like Christmas morning. Just can't support it anymore.
  7. Ditto!  On at 1:00 p.m. on the dot (10:00 a.m. PT).  No floor tix available.  Don't see how that's possible.  But see LOADS of them on stubhub for $300+.  I just hope they add a show or two in LA.  Sucks.  

    1. jphoya91


      Same for me in DC - no GA Floors for my Innocence presale.  Why did I buy the membership if I can't buy good tickets?  This is screwed up!

    2. Nikabrik


      Same for me in Nashville, yesterday (innocence presale) and today (citi presale).

  8. Seeing it all over the place so will pile  on...terrible experience in the presale. NO GA but yet I see Nashville GA on stub hub starting at 350. Scalpers win again.