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  1. RolandofGilead

    Anyone going to Vancouver opener?

    Apparently, the line has already started. You just can't find it.
  2. Hello there, I have a single seat available in a great spot, 210 row A. $185 cash on spot (186.25 orginally priced). Credit card entry only. I would need to meet you at a door to swipe you into venue. Cheers!
  3. RolandofGilead

    Anyone going to Vancouver opener?

    I'm checking in. GAing with the family. No lines for us though. A nice pint (or 2!) of beer and medium-rare steak to celebrate pre-show. Plan to burn it off on that floor!
  4. RolandofGilead 2015/2016 Subscribers Offer - Discussion Thread

    I'm okay with the prints. I think I will keep the waves one and gift one or two of the others. I hope there is still something more to this, but not expecting anything. Some live audio downloads over the year would be great. 1 or 2 tracks a month would have fans coming back more often. U22 was my favorite. I loved it so much that I purchased 2 years of subscription just so I could play the shit out of that collection and not have to worry too much about handling those cds in the car. The whole idea of fans picking the tracks was great. I do hope there is a future subscription where this could happen again. And maybe this is the point why there is no audio at this go around. Maybe the next chapter of the tour brings new songs and new "old" songs with it. Then we have 2 years of songs from the tour to pick from. Another double cd set of fan voted tracks!
  5. The support act is called Intermission. In case your're wondering, an intermission of 10-20 minutes pretty much kills the idea of an opener. The show may start earlier because of this. Also, it may run longer, but I wouldn't count on it. It would be nice if we got up to 27 songs a night. Who knows, maybe with a strings section on support they could achieve this.
  6. RolandofGilead

    GA line up question for Vancouver shows

    I just wish there was an announcement regarding a show opener. I have no interest in lining up both nights for the floor, but some sort of news would help with my arrival plans.
  7. RolandofGilead

    GA line up question for Vancouver shows

    My GAs are listed for N-Floor both nights. No idea what it means or if it means anything at all.
  8. I'll stay up till midnight to fire the 1st one off. Because, you know, that's where the day begins. Lemon!
  9. You are likely assured entry to GA using an immediate family member's credit card. Take credit card used for purchase, photo id/signature of credit card holder (a copy would work), and a note with signature matching the photo id signature & credit card. Those 3 signatures match, plus your own photo id for which to note is authorizing permission of use to the wife, husband, son or daughter. The note has to state specifically the family member using the card. The address on the photo id of card holder & the person entering venue should be identical. Same residence.
  10. RolandofGilead

    transfer 2 A tix for first show

    Well, it seems that this is near impossible to do. I' have been told that you would have to send your credit card used for this purchase, a copy of your photo id with signature, & a signed letter (signature to match photo id's signature) verifying the person using the card entry. Even so, because person wanting to use your tickets is not a family member, it is likely not to be accepted at gate. Your presence at the entry point would be required for this transaction to be 100% guaranteed.
  11. RolandofGilead

    transfer 2 A tix for first show

    So sorry to hear about this U2paddy. I'll put it to a friend who might give it a go to try and get these legitimately from you.
  12. RolandofGilead

    Opening Night - Vancouver - May 14, 2015

    I'm set for both! GAs through presale for Night 1. Thanks @U2 for setting up this loyal subscriber. GAs through general sale for Night 2. The stars were aligned perfectly for me today. Plus, I think my mom was looking down from somewhere. It has to be said: the Mods here are fantastic on twitter!