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  1. Merry Christmas Poem and thought people, and everyone else of course. By way of keeping to the theme of the thread I'll share part of my letter to my friend as a 'poem' I think it7s applicable here and in this season. Stay safe, and have fun! Imagine this: After all the surreal adventures we've been on, Love is all we have left. (yes, that's a quote from Bono, on my favorite U2 song. Did you catch that? I said my favorite U2 song, and just ended the sentence with that. It's all in the first line: 'Nothing to stop this being the best day ever' What an amazing thought to hold onto. The best days we have are always the one's we don't plan.
  2. I guess this is a Poem, I hope it makes someone smile. So I guess it goes here....LOL. https://youtu.be/lPqd_-ZF4tQ
  3. Interesting OP. I don't think we need to count, compare or calculate. I think the question for the artist is, Does the artist have anything to communicate? If they feel they do....then I hope they send the transmission. It doesn't matter if no one receives. What matters is having something to transmit. A light in the dark, even if no one is looking.
  4. razspazz

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    Just finished a new song....so that's pretty good. (edit:LOL that's picture's way bigger than I expected).
  5. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    *whispers........build a wall Eco! *Cue maniacal laughter
  6. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    The correct internet etiquette would be to blame someone else for something unrelated, flame them in a personal manner, and then never revisit the subject of your mis-quote.
  7. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Hey, can't 'Like' any moar posts because this site operates according to Newton's arrow of time. So I'll 'Like' your post verbally Manohlive. (LOL that'll teach them...whoever 'they' are...Newtonians?). However, why not just say Eno, when you are talking about Eno.? Otherwise, yeah, there's no sonic discord on this record.....except that one thing that is killing me.... In the song The Showman, there's a lead into the chorus with a stray 'I' just hanging there...is that a rush job that got missed? Or do producers at this level just let that kind of thing slide?
  8. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Well...little update,,, As angelofharlem4u2 said, I'm enjoying the war taking place over this record in reviews, forums, youtube, the feedback is out of control. 'One of the Best' or 'U2's Dirty(est) Day' and no line on the horizon for the middle ground! Many complain there's too much slow dancing, but I think it's a magnificent record. So I switched out The Showman, and putting Book of your Heart into the heart of the record changed the experience for me. So as we head into winter, I wish you all stay warm and don't get too numb this holiday season. Now it's time for my disappearing act. >>>>Exit.
  9. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Now you're thinking straight lin! Artist gets paid, You keep people employed (while we all still cling to money and jobs...ugh.) AND you get the record on release day! It's an old fashioned pleasure to go say 'Hi' to someone at midnight and exchange money for a product. Tell them you don't need a bag and wave it over your head while you walk out of the store! I'll be up with sun...cause I'm already gone.
  10. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Addendum: Mark Beaumont (NME) can GAGF, obviously still butt hurt by having his i-phone 'raped' a few years ago. Now...Tonight is a bottle of Pinot Noir, what I term the Middle 3 mostly clicked for me today. (I enjoyed them at first, but they work for me today....) but my personal version of the record is going to switch Showman out for Book of Your Heart. I liked Yardie's mention of unseen enemies knocking his door down, and I've got the volume up loud enough I'm never quite sure there's no one else in the room. (Infact the guys I'm producing for just helped themselves into the studio without me knowing...they brought wine so it's o.k....ish. LOL). Volume control, indeed. My favourite song....is.....Landlady, or love is All we have left depending on which one is playing! LOLOL. So that's enough from me until the next Album. A tip of the hat, A smile, and Goodnight.
  11. razspazz

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Just finished the 1st playthrough accompanied by a bottle of Temperanillo Gran Reserva 2009. Spoilers ahead, abandon ship ye of little faith! Immediately thrown for a loop, Track 1, oh they've got someone else to do the vocal! Then Bono creeps in. That was quite the head-fuck but I loved the vibe straight out of the box. Then it's acoustic guitar...Alrighty then! I'm taking gulps of wine at this point. Do you know my name!? Dig it. I like the next song. It's makes me feel good. I wish I'd not heard it before this night though. Now were getting seriously into the good songs; the heart of the album. GOOYOW (that's how it's done in the Zoo, right?). I can listen to this all night all night. Was bummed that the little poem was absent from the start. Love the speech that starts at the end. Love the start of American Soul, Summer of Love had me forcing a smile, no seriously I was like enjoying it but The Beautiful Ghost that had been visiting with me was starting to fade into the fog juice ;these middle 3 are breaking the spell. Well just drink and take in the Rock and Roll show I guess. Nod along. Tap the foot. By the end of The Showman, I've had to open a South Australian Shiraz. (Peter Lehman). Little things is the best thing about this record for me. Good wine, brings good times, the Ghost has taken a firm step back into the room. Landlady Blew the roof off my little haunted house. The Blackout less so....at risk of being M.U.R.D.E.R.E.D by all and sundry. Fuck it, I'm drunk...you can't hurt me. Love is Bigger I will revisit, it felt a lot like listening to a season of Grey's Anatomy. I didn't mind that show. 13......I put the glass down for this one. I couldn't pick it up again until the end. Enough said. Beautiful. For me this album is like a visitation. Echoes of the past, which I really like, and haven't heard done in quite this way before. What a great risk. The middle 3 won't at this stage make it on to my portable device I'm afraid. The mix also has a LOT of compression (?) big white spaces in the loud parts. Overall production is fantastic, but would love to hear this record on Vinyl. So that, for what it's worth, is where I'm at. You Are ROCK and ROLL...or some ghostly ethereal spirit entity.
  12. hestia, thanks....this is for you (and everyone else of course)....... https://soundcloud.com/bookofcaverns/sparkle-child-il-movimento-del-mare-revelation-mix
  13. Hi gang, I'm going to file this under Poems. It's basically a poem set to music, which was then reverse engineered into a song. You can download it if you like or just check it out here, I hope you'll like it: https://soundcloud.com/bookofcaverns/waiting-for-the-flowers-to-bloom-annihilator-mix It's basically about waiting for a Love that never comes; Divine/Mortal/Spiritual, but keeping the faith even through death.
  14. razspazz

    New Album? Wot New Album? (Merged)

    Is this what we've become....a bunch of old nagging, demanding groupies? You've just stated you won't even buy whatever they release.....so why would they even? U2 as a fashion are long since dead. In case you haven't noticed we're into legacy act territory now (proof is in the way the 360 tour set evolved...and was a great success; although I'm glad I caught that tour early when they were still excited about the new record). Sure they can still be topical or relevant, but only in the way the cool 'bad' grandparent can be topical or relevant....look at Bill Murray. So the music has to be great or there's just no point. I hope the band wait until they have a set they are excited about. I think Invisible was testing the waters somewhat. Loved it, it served a purpose, would have liked to hear the rest of THAT album the concept of which I'm thinking has been passed over now. So, I normally wouldn't have committed so many bad ideas to type, but I'm on a bender and stumbled across the OP having just come of 'Bad' and 'Invisible' and 'Baby Wild Horses' on i-tunes or some sort of copy of that, and well...I don't care if they never release another anything. But i would certainly still go and line up for it if the band thought it was great.