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  1. Just some thoughts about Ticket Pick Ups at 7/11. I wandered into a random one the other day, and talked to the dude working there. You will need the Ticket Order Confirmation e-mail with your ticket number on it (about 15 digits). You can either print it out, before you go, or take your mobile device with it on there. (For example my confirmation e-mail was sent to my i-phone e-mail, so I will take the phone and show them the e-mail.) The staff enters your ticket information into the register and prints out the ticket(s) for you. They might get you to push a 'confirm' button on a screen. They will also give you a receipt to sign. And that's it. Simply say 'Ticket Pick up' and show the e-mail and you'll be fine. Don't forget to smile. The only small confusion I had with my dude at first was he thought I wanted to buy tickets at first. I recommend you take some I.D. with you (just in case) and maybe have the credit card with you...again just in case. Also maybe some small change in case there is a printing fee (maybe 300-400 Yen/ 3 or 4 bucks). Most staff will be able to understand simple English spoken a little slowly and clearly. The ticket confirmation e-mail also includes Japanese instructions for the Staff if they give you a WTF? look. but I don't think there will be any issues. this part of the e-mail: [STANDING FRONT/REAR, SS/S/A SEAT] Tickets must be picked up at a Seven-Eleven store in Japan prior to the show, and will not be issued at the venue. Tickets will be available for pick up from 20th November (Wed) from 10:00am. When picking up your ticket(s), you will be required to show your e-mail purchase confirmation to store staff. Please ensure you print this in advance or are able to access it on your mobile device. After the staff have confirmed the Ticket Number shown in your e-mail purchase, they will print your ticket(s). Make picking up the tickets a priority when you get into Tokyo. Don't leave it to the last minute. Don't lose them, they cannot be re-issued. I hope this is some help, it may be redundant as others may have already posted about it. Keep on Rockin' and Rolling.
  2. Yep, as per BB, that was so smooth I was left with all this latent tension I'm still trying to drown with red wine!! Well played, I hope it went well for everyone!
  3. Eco, your poem at the end breaks ryhme twice in a row. ...really hope to see you here at a show, Even though it's a long way to go, Don't be slow to let us all know! (...yes. I'm off to drown myself in a bucket now.).
  4. Currently the Pre-sale page shows: Wires group: Tuesday 5th 12:00. 5th is a Wednesday. Can someone confirm that or fix it? Cheers.
  5. Merry Christmas Poem and thought people, and everyone else of course. By way of keeping to the theme of the thread I'll share part of my letter to my friend as a 'poem' I think it7s applicable here and in this season. Stay safe, and have fun! Imagine this: After all the surreal adventures we've been on, Love is all we have left. (yes, that's a quote from Bono, on my favorite U2 song. Did you catch that? I said my favorite U2 song, and just ended the sentence with that. It's all in the first line: 'Nothing to stop this being the best day ever' What an amazing thought to hold onto. The best days we have are always the one's we don't plan.
  6. I guess this is a Poem, I hope it makes someone smile. So I guess it goes here....LOL. https://youtu.be/lPqd_-ZF4tQ
  7. Interesting OP. I don't think we need to count, compare or calculate. I think the question for the artist is, Does the artist have anything to communicate? If they feel they do....then I hope they send the transmission. It doesn't matter if no one receives. What matters is having something to transmit. A light in the dark, even if no one is looking.
  8. Just finished a new song....so that's pretty good. (edit:LOL that's picture's way bigger than I expected).
  9. *whispers........build a wall Eco! *Cue maniacal laughter
  10. The correct internet etiquette would be to blame someone else for something unrelated, flame them in a personal manner, and then never revisit the subject of your mis-quote.
  11. Hey, can't 'Like' any moar posts because this site operates according to Newton's arrow of time. So I'll 'Like' your post verbally Manohlive. (LOL that'll teach them...whoever 'they' are...Newtonians?). However, why not just say Eno, when you are talking about Eno.? Otherwise, yeah, there's no sonic discord on this record.....except that one thing that is killing me.... In the song The Showman, there's a lead into the chorus with a stray 'I' just hanging there...is that a rush job that got missed? Or do producers at this level just let that kind of thing slide?
  12. Well...little update,,, As angelofharlem4u2 said, I'm enjoying the war taking place over this record in reviews, forums, youtube, the feedback is out of control. 'One of the Best' or 'U2's Dirty(est) Day' and no line on the horizon for the middle ground! Many complain there's too much slow dancing, but I think it's a magnificent record. So I switched out The Showman, and putting Book of your Heart into the heart of the record changed the experience for me. So as we head into winter, I wish you all stay warm and don't get too numb this holiday season. Now it's time for my disappearing act. >>>>Exit.
  13. Now you're thinking straight lin! Artist gets paid, You keep people employed (while we all still cling to money and jobs...ugh.) AND you get the record on release day! It's an old fashioned pleasure to go say 'Hi' to someone at midnight and exchange money for a product. Tell them you don't need a bag and wave it over your head while you walk out of the store! I'll be up with sun...cause I'm already gone.
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