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  1. No! My son was hoping to see it on a trip to NY in June. Oh well.... Guess I don't have to be jealous now. Although he will be disappointed.
  2. Having a blah kind of day.

  3. Listening to a boot of one of the loudest U2 shows I've ever been to. Atlanta, 18 Nov. 2005, Vertigo tour. Amazing time.

  4. Perfect! And since they are the biggest band in the world, I know you will want an assistant, so I'm going to go ahead and be presumptuous and say that that is now my job. I'll handle the drummer's affairs and help him with his decision making, seeing how those speedo's didn't work out to well for him.
  5. Interesting read. "Many U2 fans heard the news of Guy Oseary becoming U2's manager and had to look the name up. They learned that Oseary started his career with Madonna in the music industry at her former label, Maverick Records. He quickly worked his way up the ladder to chairman and helped develop a roster of artists that included The Prodigy, Alanis Morissette and Paul Oakenfold." Read on here: http://www.atu2.com/news/what-u2-fans-should-know-about-guy-oseary-from-a-madonna-fan.html
  6. Brownies....that's what in the oven.

  7. S A T U R D A Y

  8. "and middle-aged U2 and Madonna fans have more disposable income to spend on tickets" Says it all, I think..... Although maybe if we are lucky, Bono will be like Madonna and he'll show us his moobs onstage.
  9. Now, officially scared....very scared.

  10. Brand partners? Superbowl commercial? Dear Bono, That is not relevance. That is disgusting. Sincerely, Your fan that is very sad today because it seems the music has been traded in for money.
  11. It is a sad, sad day, IMO. U2 got the start they got because of McGuinness. And I thank him for that, but I think they have needed something fresh for a while. So happy retirement to him. I didn't want to see him go by way of selling them off to LiveNation though. I don't think this will gain them any relevance; only dislike for becoming a corporate entity. I am very scared about the ticket prices now, especially knowing how much Madonna's prices were on her last tour. If they go that way, I will only get to do one, maybe two shows. So I'm glad I got to do what I did with my 7 shows on 360, as that will probably never happen again. My only hope is that as pissed as Larry got with the Vertigo ticket ordeal, that he will not stand for LN price gouging us. You would've thought as much as Bono preaches about it, McGuinness would have kept the business local for Ireland. But obviously it's more about the money.
  12. Just saw your comment on my comment. Glad to hear DM was awesome! Can't wait to hear more about it!

    1. pain_18_


      DM IS AMAZING, saw them this year, totally worth it !!!

  13. Officially deeply madly in love again.

    1. sugrue


      just seen your comment.. not sure how to do it back... hope you are well!

    2. sugrue


      Ps Depeche Mode for me tonight (Sat 9th Nov )

  14. On Nov. 4, 1988, I worked at a movie theater that was debuting the movie, Rattle and Hum. I even got to work the merchandise booth that night. Even though I had liked their music since 1982, little did I know how much that movie would impact my life, even to this day.

  15. I'm not too excited about the Black Friday release though. There are a couple of stores participating in my area, but I doubt they will carry the U2 one. I would love to have it, but I don't know how I'm going to get it.
  16. They said they would never play "Sunday Bloody Sunday" after Rattle and Hum too. I'm sure if the record company thought they could make money off a CD single, they would release it.
  17. This version looks a lot happier than the actual cover! Probably not as cold.
  18. Read all about it and hear it ----->http://www.atu2blog.com/rattle-hum-treats-new-voices-freedom-sweetest-thing/50141/
  19. The full version of the song that didn't make it into the movie. Again, thanks, Matt and @U2 for the link.
  20. U2.com (the official website) gives us a snippet of a preview of a movie, with a song playing in the background for less than a minute. meh.... Matt McGee and @U2 give us an interview with the Harlem choir director and never before seen pictures from the Rattle and Hum era. Thank you Matt McGee and @U2. I loved this! Keep up your awesome work!
  21. Saints, yes. Wondering if it was written around the same time. Movies can take a while to make.
  22. October....and the trees are stripped bare of all they wear, what do I care?

    1. Anjana


      October and on U2.com hopes rise and U2.com hopes fall, but we go on

      and on waiting for songs:D

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