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  1. The last time I saw 40, I cried before it even started. Edge walked over to Adam’s side and I knew it was coming.
  2. This is directly from the Yes24 website: Ultimately, find what works best for you; make sure you have access to more than one option.
  3. If possible, I would consider adding The Internet Explorer browser to be on the safe side.
  4. Subscription gifts have not mailed out yet. Please check back periodically for updates. In the meantime, you can download and listen to 6 of the songs on your account page.
  5. Please also note from the yes24 page that is says that trying to buy tickets from a Mac or Chrome is “unsteady”. It is advised to try to make your purchase from a PC if possible.
  6. Patience and Zen.....I know the anticipation of knowing is hard, but you are seeing U2 in Tokyo, which is very crazy cool.
  7. As soon as we hear something, we will let you know. This does appear to be pretty common though. Was doing some reading on Tokyo and Seoul today and saw many people mention in comments on articles I was reading that they only knew section numbers, not seat numbers until they went to pick up their tickets.
  8. Just had an additional thought, sounds like you are probably going to the Sydney show. You should check with Ticketek.
  9. You may want to check with Ticketmaster about your tickets. This is from their website: **Collector tickets are not eligible for General Admission entry. Collector Tickets are not available to those without a valid Australian address. You must provide an Australian postal address to receive Collector Tickets. The exception to this is the VIP Party Experience which can be collected from the Venue on event day. https://blog.ticketmaster.com.au/music/u2-10759?int_cmp_name=U2&int_cmp_id=AU-Home-701&int_cmp_creative=Home-main-1&tm_link=tm_ccp_Home_main_U2&_ga=2.51978859.336577548.1559660798-1956247215.1559414465
  10. Were you trying to buy a Collector ticket? If so, those will not ship outside the country and you’ll need to choose regular tickets.
  11. Sorry it took us so long to figure out what exactly was going on for you. So glad it finally worked out in the end.
  12. Inputting international phone numbers for Ticketek purchases: There will be 2 fields where you will have to input your phone number. First being in the account information. For example, if you are in the US or Canada, you would enter your phone number, including your country code: 12051234567. If you are in Europe, you will enter your phone, including your country code. *If your phone number usually begins with "0" without the country code, you will remove that zero. For example, if you are in the UK and your number is 07911 123456, you would enter it as: 447911123456. The second field where you will need to enter your phone number is in the payment/delivery section. In this section, you will add "+" to the format above. Examples: +12051234567; +447911123456 ***Please note that if you have tried to input a number multiple times before trying this, it may not work properly. You will need to back out of the transaction and start a fresh one in a new browser window.
  13. Also because it has taken multiple attempts, it make require starting completely fresh in a new window.
  14. Ok, that’s the first field. From what I’ve seen, that field, you should put in the number just as it would be if someone were calling you Internationally without the +. There is a second time it asks for your number in the payment/delivery section, that is where you will add +33.
  15. Did you put +33 6 in the second time that it asked for the number?
  16. There is a special registration for Yes24 and we are waiting for clarification on how that works. Other than that, all you will need is your presale code and you should be fine. The wording was originally a bit confusing, but should make more sense now.
  17. My understanding is that there are two locations to put your phone number. The first one is your phone number with country code, the second, is + then country code with number. Edit: remove the first “0” before adding 33 and +33
  18. No problem. Don't want anyone getting in trouble.
  19. Are you trying to get regular or Collector tickets?
  20. From what I can tell, there is no way of knowing, other than the section. Perhaps you will get an email with more details a bit later.
  21. Do you know which section you chose from? I'm not seeing actual seat numbers, but here is a map that u2Songs.com had.
  22. Try closing it out and reopen in a new window.
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