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  1. momentary hiccup...it will be back corrected shortly
  2. I know! I hope you, and @Anjana and @Canadanne and any other Zoo member going have a fabulous time!
  3. That's a shame....hope you'll be doing something fun.
  4. Thanks to everyone who joined us tonight. Next stop London. Take care and hope to see you on Tuesday.
  5. how sweet.... 13 for Dennis Sheehan (RIP) and his kids.
  6. I'm convinced that Lord Adam told the guys before the tour "hey guys, I think it's time to turn my bass up a bit". It has been amazing on several songs.
  7. So make lots of noise in London this next week.
  8. guess who's back...back again...
  9. wait! I totally take that back.....Heartland!!!
  10. Elvis Presley and America.
  11. My next Holy Grail song is Hawkmoon 269