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  1. mich40

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Going to see The Church this weekend. They are performing the entire Starfish album, which happens to be one of my top 10 desert island albums.
  2. mich40

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    You need to contact customer service via the help page and explain your situation. https://www.u2.com/help
  3. mich40

    Record Store Day 2019

    Score! Got everything I was hoping for.
  4. mich40

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    If your subscription expires this month, the last subscriber gift would have been U2 3D, as the Live Songs were not announced until November 2018. If you wish to receive the Live package, you would need to renew again now.
  5. mich40

    What Hasn't U2 Released Yet That You Want?

    I guess it was 2013....so much has happened in the last 10 years, it's all kind of a blur sometimes.
  6. mich40

    Japanese Shows?

    @ddarroch, that’s why we have a folder call “U2 ‘Net News and Rumours”. You will see speculations around that may or may not be accurate and it’s fine for the fans to post those. But as for U2.com and the Zootopia moderators, we will only post information that is official.
  7. mich40

    What Hasn't U2 Released Yet That You Want?

    No. The Record Store Day releases at the time were Wide Awake in Europe and Ordinary Love and neither of those had it on them.
  8. mich40

    What Hasn't U2 Released Yet That You Want?

    “Soon” was actually released as a vinyl as part of the 360 Rose Bowl Super Deluxe box set.
  9. mich40

    Australian shows? (MERGED)

    Please keep in mind that while there are rumours, they are only that. If there is an official announcement, it will be posted on the the main page of U2.com and in here. Also, please use good judgement and do not make travel plans based on rumours.
  10. mich40

    Fake U2 Social Media Accounts

    Report as “inappropriate” and that will take you through a few comments, which will include “this person in impersonating someone”.