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  1. Can't remember if I said this for the Dublin shows, but isn't it interesting that he started the tour talking about his mother, now his father.
  2. So far: The Blackout Lights of Home I Will Follow Gloria / Gloria (snippet) Beautiful Day
  3. If they only knew how much it meant for me to hear this this tour.
  4. Lights of Home was one of my favorites from the tour. What were yours?
  5. It's A Beautiful World..... Mixlrs: http://mixlr.com/u2uvbr/ http://mixlr.com/u2gigs/ http://mixlr.com/jzcanuck/ http://mixlr.com/sil-rigote--2/ http://mixlr.com/u2gigs/ Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1OdJrRlRWAYJX?q=u2
  6. I'm trying my hardest not to cry because I have workmen at my house and I don't want them to think I'm a nutcase. lol
  7. yeah. Don't know if you are listening, but it's been "The Final Countdown" "Leaving on a Jet Plane" "Don't Dream It's Over"
  8. Mixlr that is already up and running, if you want to listen to the preshow. http://mixlr.com/sil-rigote--2/
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