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  1. Since I am the mod in the US, I will give you an answer. The US postal service is extremely clogged right now because of the holidays. I have found that the tracking on everything I have had mailed has not been exactly accurate. On top of that, once it gets to the UK, it has to make it through the Royal Mail system. Having said that, as the helpline person said, I would say to give it the 8 weeks, maybe even 10. If you have not received it by the 2nd week of January, give them another call. And please, regardless, let us know when you do receive it.
  2. What a great tour it's been! Thanks to each and every one of you who have joined us for the live threads. You are what help make them what they are. Thanks to my co-mods, @Max Tsukino and @bigwave; I think we make a great team and have thoroughly enjoyed covering the tour with you. Who's to say where the wind will take us; but let us all be thankful for the musical journey we've had so far.
  3. That's what I'm trying to tell you....U2Start is not there. They are pulling the videos from U2's FB and Instagram stories. If you go look at those, it is the exact same videos. Whoever is running the U2start Twitter account tonight, is sitting at their computers, just like us. We have not gotten any actual social media posts other than the official U2 ones from the stadium since before the show.
  4. No, as someone pointed out, U2start is actually pulling the video from the U2 FB or Instagram stories.
  5. I did that too... @Max Tsukino and @bigwave would tell me when I could turn my volume back up on my computer b/c I wanted to hear it brand new when I first saw it live...which was in Chicago in 2017.
  6. U2Start did just tweet about that and added "handle with care", so since we are pulling from what we see on Twitter, it could be real or fakenews...only time will tell.
  7. We have gotten snippets from their FB/Instagram stories and from U2Start....if there were others who could have done a live feed, they would have. U2gigs tweeted 3 hours before the show that the signal was bad. I feel certain, as they have let us in the sound for many shows, that they would have done it today, if possible.
  8. I'm kinda glad that the last time I heard Red Hill on mixlr the other day, I didn't know it was going to be the last time... https://twitter.com/maxtsukino/status/1206235688573775872?s=20
  9. If you follow U2 on Facebook or Instagram, they are adding quite a bit to their stories there. https://www.facebook.com/stories/1602191116508087/UzpfSVNDOjEwMTU3OTkxNDAzMzYxNjg2/ https://www.instagram.com/u2/
  10. LOL Ti(red) yes....it's mesmerizing and makes me want to memorize the moves. 😂
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