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  1. I was at that show for Invisible and I’m so glad it’s included. I can’t even explain what happened when they started playing it, but when Bono sings “I am not invisible, I am here” and then all the sudden you could see them in the screen, I just burst out crying. That was one of the most epic moments of that tour for me.
  2. He swing/throws the lightbulb and he’s singing 13 here. It was how the shows ended.
  3. This was just shared with me and I was given permission to share it here. It may take longer than you hope, but if they have enough information to pull an account, they will. Just be mindful of the fact that this may or may not affect their ability to open another account with another name; and it is in your best interest not to follow accounts that look like a individual band member’s account (because the real members don’t have those), nor let them follow you. Always report suspicious behavior, such as the charming messages asking for your email address.
  4. We hope to be adding info of fan meet-ups in each city as people make plans. Please keep checking in and if you hear of anything, please let us know.
  5. Contact info for ticketing agencies is here: https://www.u2.com/help Pia is: JAPANTICKET PIA informationEmail: tickets-inquiry@pia.co.jp(Weekday, 10:00-18:00)
  6. At this time, there are no further presales scheduled. Also, at this time, we have no additional information about the subscriber gift; but be sure that when information becomes available, it will be posted here. Until then, we just have to exercise patience.
  7. Here’s a great article on the making of the recent years’ re-releases of U2’s catalog on vinyl. https://www.mixonline.com/recording/scott-sedillo-remasters-u2-vinyl-at-bernies
  8. New tickets have just opened up for Melbourne. GAs and seats.
  9. You messaged me and I responded that I had passed on the information.
  10. It is 4 tickets maximum over the whole tour, the tickets could be split between Australian/New Zealand shows, or for example, 2 Australian and 2 Singapore tickets. The codes can only be used once during the Singapore presales due to ticketing system. Most importantly to your question, per the FAQs: All ticketing presale code use is audited, and anyone found to be abusing presale privileges risks cancellation of ticket purchases and U2.com subscription.
  11. We try to do as much as we can when we can when situations arise; unfortunately this situation was very much out of our hands.
  12. They were reinstated....those orders were also canceled. Totally different circumstances.
  13. And @xrayjets likes to jokingly harass us every presale and tour with that question....which, personally, I appreciate the comic relief.
  14. There are alcohol free sections but I don’t believe the whole stadium is.
  15. RedZone go fast in the presales and even faster in the public sale. I think you are wise for getting whichever you choose today.
  16. Every company/software can have hiccups every once in a while.....this one just came at a very inopportune time but it is being taken care of.
  17. We are trying to get some information, please bear with us.
  18. Yes, that is your order number. Also try to log out and back in...that may correct that.
  19. You might want to give them a call; looking at your profile, it’s showing you as a free member. Have your order number ready where you subscribed.
  20. Right above where you put in your code, it says that the code is only valid for one use. This is not what we are used to with the other ticketing systems, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it.
  21. Yes, just tell them you couldn't get it to let you choose 2 different areas. And good luck!
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