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  1. Tokyo Red Hill Presales are now live. Please read carefully.
  2. Are you perhaps going in through the "alcohol free zone" Red Hill link? Sec 511 seems to be an alcohol free section.
  3. Can you try a different browser? I'm getting a different section than you and Max.
  4. Are you putting in for regular or Collector's ticket?
  5. Wait until the last place to put it in. "It wouldn’t let me do it on that page that you showed, but it will let you do it once you get to the very end before you click submit for purchase It will tell you you don’t have the right code in for international numbers, add a plus to the front of it and then submit" From a person in the US that successfully did it....
  6. Someone just said to try 1+area code-phonenumber with dash in it...1+205-123-1234
  7. Keep trying. When you get back in, see if you need to put 00 in front of the 1
  8. You may have to go ahead an make sure the address fields are set to USA.
  9. Have you registered on the website? It took mine that way when I created an account.
  10. Are you going through the link on U2.com/tour?
  11. just saw someone say on FB that they turned their device completely off and rebooted and that worked. Worth a try.
  12. Have you/can you try from another device?
  13. Seeing several different remedies. Make sure you go through the link on U2.com/tour and try shutting it down and starting over, making sure you choose "other country" wherever you see that it has auto-selected New Zealand.
  14. Presales start in just under 4 hours for Japan. We haven't been able to look at that, so don't know how it will work once you get it, but both should work via the English link.
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