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  1. Repeated calls and emails to U2.com support asking about the status of posting out the 2017 subscriber Vinyls have gone unanswered. I am sick of their arrogance. Please file a formal complaint for misleading advertising here: https://www.asa.org.uk/make-a-complaint.html this is the Advertising Standards Authority website which has the power to issue fines against companies taking advantage, the more complaints they receive the quicker they will force U2.com's incompetent team to act. There is no point in us renewing and paying more money for a 2018 subscription if U2.com can't even be bothered to fulfill its obligations for the 2017 subscriptions.
  2. thanks for the reply. that sounds a bit pathetic, takes them a whole year to send out a vinyl, and I bet 90% of the subscribers don't even have a vinyl player. U2.com tried to claim vinyl is making a come-back, I'm not fooled by that. Going straight on to eBay when I receive it. Let's hope 2018 brings something a bit more relevant.
  3. I haven’t yet received the vinyls from 2017, why would I renew for 2018?!?! When I call your customer support to find out where they are I’ve been holding for over 20 minutes. Your whole organisation is a bit crap.
  4. Couldn't justify the price of the red zone tickets, over-priced I think. Happy with my regular standing tickets, at the i&e tour at the O2 I turned up about 1.5 hours before the start and only had one person standing in front of me at the barriers, hope it's the same with Twickenham! I'm hoping that Sunday will be more quiet as people coming from other parts of the country may not want to be taking a monday off work.
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