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  1. I'd love for U2 to take over the line management and have something like a Bruce Springsteen like lottery. It would be nice to have a chance for a rail spot without waiting in line all day.
  2. Backfire???

    Same for Washington, DC. Scores of tickets still available. I was hoping for a 2nd show - may not happen now. Who wants to pay $ 200-$ 300 for upper level tickets? Diehard fans want to be closer. Casual fans want cheaper.
  3. How About A Simple Show With Lower Prices?

    I agree. I want to see a rock concert, not a choreographed musical with fancy video effects.
  4. RZ1 vs RZ2

    Since the set up looks the same for this tour as I&E, you won't be able to change sides. But, there should be someone there managing the wristbands and line to get in - I can' remember her name but for I&E, she was great! Ask her if you can change. We had RZ1 for two back to back nights. Wanted to see from the other side of the stage. She said she'd see what she could do - came through with wristbands for RZ 2 after we were let in.
  5. Ticketmaster Discount Codes-Law suit

    I forgot about them on Tuesday, but tried today - no place to enter a voucher number (using desktop). Room for a gift card, but you needed a PIN for that. I've used a few codes in the past, but generally a rip off - never have been able to get any of the free tickets.
  6. Code arrived just after 7 this morning. No GAs for DC available - still searching and still none. So, went for RZ. The RZ for DC are pickup only at Will Call. Surprised by this as the GA I got for Tulsa for the fan presale are hardcopy and being mailed. Just checked again for DC - no RZ available now at 10:34 and now they are again at 10:35. Be patient and keep trying if what you want doesn't come up right away - easy to say, very hard to do!
  7. FINE PRINT of Verified Fan Presale

    Thanks Sherry for doing the research. I did get my code and easily go the GA tickets that I wanted, but I'm disgusted to think that long time subscribers and verified fans didn't get a code due to a Ticketmaster "lottery". Getting tickets through the presale is why most of us continue our membership. I'm hoping to get tickets for one more show - just hope that the Citibank or General sale will work again for me. And, obviously, this method to try to keep tickets out of the hands of scalpers hasn't worked - the new system only locked out many long time fans and pissed off many more.
  8. Who's Excited?!

    I have to travel somewhere to see U2, so might as well go to Tulsa - have never been there. My first opening show since Elevation. So excited to get GA! Booked hotel before the presale, now to try to find a reasonable flight.
  9. Seating Chart (Official)

    I noticed that too. Thinking of RZ if I can't get GA, but wish I knew what the prices were. As I recall, for the last two tours, RZ prices weren't listed until the presale started - too late to have a discussion with friend on best way to go.
  10. Experience tix on sale Nov 14th?

    The FAQ above mentions getting another email on Sunday evening - has anyone received this yet? I'm very nervous about how this is going to work tomorrow.
  11. Stage setup? Red Zone?

    Could we get Red Zone and VIP price info before the sale? That would greatly help me in my decision as to what tickets to buy. Last time, the info didn't show up until the presale started. thanks
  12. Can you check to be sure? Both my husband and I have a subscription, but he has an ancient cell phone that doesn't have text capability. Thanks
  13. When to expect VIP Tour gift?

    I had VIP Gold seats for two recent shows. When should I expect the Tour gift? I've only ever had VIP tickets for one other artist and received the gift well before the show. And, what is the gift and is there a difference between the gift for VIP Party, Gold, and Silver packages? thanks
  14. Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    This has gotten so out of hand over the years. I really wish that U2 would step in to do something about it, ala the Springsteen method. Even at FEDEX, when the venue said absolutely no lineup before 8, the unofficial line started offsite at Planet Fitness and FEDEX caved and "honored" the line. Yes, if you search for it, you can probably find the unofficial line info 48 hours in advance but most of us have a life and can't get to the venue every 12 hours to check in. Yes, it's fabulous to have a front rail position, I've had it 2 times and will never forget that experience, but it would be nice to give everyone a fair shot. Even the Red Zone has gotten ridiculous. I did this for two previous tours, got to the venue mid afternoon and would get a great rail spot. At FedEx, the line started at 8. I didn't do GA or RZ this tour but hope to do so for next arena tour. Please U2 -fix this problem- I'm willing to take my chances with some kind of lottery.
  15. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    It's very dismaying that people are still having problems with presale tickets. I figured that all would go smoothly since so many members have already used their codes. I'm saving my last two in case they decide to add Atlanta. I sure hope that TM and U2 gets their act together. And while I'm whining, I wish that U2 would talk to Bruce Springsteen about how to run a GA line!